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Housing Day 2017 - True people, Our Stories

Today is Housing Day! This years theme is - ‘true people, real stories’. A day for sharing best practices to get the best out of tenants and staff.

We too can share our stories and experiences.  

As a trusted provider to a number of housing associations throughout the UK and Ireland, we provide support for both tenants and staff to ensure they can thrive in their digital housing environment. 

Throughout our time working within the housing sector, we’ve gathered a number of customer success stories, particularly around equality and diversity initiatives. 

Our stories  

Melin Homes, a leading Registered Social Landlord (RSL) in South East Wales, carried out a needs analysis with their residents, to identify any potential gaps and improvements that could be made. 

Their survey identified that residents could not get access to the information they needed with their online services. By identifying the needs and support needed for their residents, Melin Homes were able to rectify this by providing accessibility support. 

In doing so, they reduced any pre-existing barriers between their web content and its audiences. This particular exercise demonstrated the high value of technology for their housing association. 

Interested to learn more? Here’s Melin Homes’ case study.

Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster) Ltd identified a major issue with accessibility, when they were overhauling their website in 2014. Residents who have literacy difficulties, lacked digital skills or did not have any internet access at all, could not benefit from any digital services being rolled out. 

By providing additional online support, their residents now have a sense of independence when accessing services, and Habinteg are no longer reliant on family and friends to pass key information on. 

Find out more about Habinteg’s online support

Shared passion 

We share the same passion as the housing associations we’ve mentioned above. We want all housing associations to be more aware of their tenants and staff and provide the right services that enables and empowers. 

Recently, we signed up to the Equality and Diversity: CIH Charter for Housing. By doing so, we’re showing our commitment to accessible housing. We’re here to help housing associations provide accessible services that include EVERYONE. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help equality and diversity within your housing association, email housing@texthelp.com


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