It’s never been a more challenging time to be an educator in Illinois. Classrooms are more diverse and even with an ever growing list of EdTech tools out there designed to help, teachers are more timestretched than ever. So how are teachers supposed to make the most out of all of this technology they now have access to?

To help get to the bottom of this,Texthelp is gearing up for a statewide focus on literacy and technology in Illinois.

What will we be doing?

#GAFETALK Illinois - Northern Illinois University, Naperville

With over 50 million students and teachers using Google Apps for Education, this suite of educational tools is quickly becoming the platform of choice for schools across the US. 

We hosted a special one time event for Illinois and Milwaukee Educators who are using Google Apps for Education on September 15th.

This interactive day of learning focused on writing supports for students using Google Apps for Education. 

Check out our agenda page to see the content covered on the day and speaker bios.

We've had some great feedback from delegates:

"Presenters were outstanding, Host Debbie was just as wonderful  - her energy was appreciated!"

"Such useful material!...and resources that will be applied in the classroom immediately."

"The variety of topics covered was great.  Actually being able to play (hands-on) with the tools during the presentation was very helpful."


Informing our Product 

We’ll be talking to local educators throughout the year, collecting feedback along the way to help us better meet the needs of all learners across the state. If you’d like to share your insights into Literacy and Edtech in your state, or have any thoughts on how we can improve our products or services please let us know by emailing

Help us to develop these products for you
  • Read&Write
  • Fluency Tutor

Debbie Shaw is here to look after you:

Picture of Debbie Shaw
Debbie is the Illinois Territory Sales Director for Texthelp and has been with the company for the last 6 years. She leverages more than 25 years of experience to assist her clients in helping children and adults with learning difficulties to read, write, study, and communicate with ease and independence.

Prior to joining Texthelp, Debbie spent more than 20 years in the educational technology sector. Most of that time was at Apple Computer working exclusively in the Education Division helping her clients to integrate technology in their schools and universities.

Reach out to Debbie by emailing or send a Tweet to @TH_DebbieS