Getting Started

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to add Browsealoud to your site - and support your web audience to access your online information, securely, in a format that suits them best.

Here are the steps you should follow for a successful integration

Heads Up: You’ll need access to your website’s CMS and be able to add html code to follow the steps below.

Step 1

Grab the integration code

Step 2

Copy the code to your clipboard

Step 3

In your CMS, open your html viewer and paste the code into this viewer window. Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking ‘okay’ or ‘save’.

Integration Code

Browsealoud is really straightforward to integrate. You can choose exactly where to embed the launchpad into your site. And, it’s continuously updated so you always have the latest version of the software.

Check it out:

First, copy and paste this code into your CMS at the exact position you wish the Browsealoud launchpad to appear on your site:

			<div id="__ba_launchpad"></div>
Copied to clipboard.

Then, copy and paste this code into your CMS at the bottom of your existing code. You MUST add it just before the closing <body> tag:

			<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Copied to clipboard.

Need Help? No problem!

We’re on standby to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Send your contact details to us in the form below and we’ll guide you through the process.

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You should have successfully integrated Browsealoud into your chosen site.

Visit your website - can you see the Browsealoud launchpad?

If you need any help with your integration, contact us and we’ll guide you through the steps.

Help with my integration

Want to customise the integration? No problem!

Contact our team of Browsealoud experts to customise your integration.

You can change the look and feel of the launchpad and toolbar to better suit your needs and preferences.

Customise my integration

How will I know if it's working?

Browsealoud will appear on your website within three hours.

Do we have your URL?  If not, contact us on to activate your integration.  

Texthelp must authorize your web address to enable Browsealoud.


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