Add math to Canvas*

EquatIO® for Canvas is an easy-to-use plugin that integrates seamlessly with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) on the Chrome browser, letting you add mathematical equations, formulas, graphs and more into the Rich Content Editor with a click.

All of EquatIO’s input methods, including Prediction, Handwriting Recognition, Speech, Desmos Graphing, and LaTeX, are supported within the LMS, bringing the benefits of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and personalized learning directly into the Canvas environment.

* Available with an Unlimited License of EquatIO only
Equatio in Canvas
Equatio Math Dictation

Let’s talk math!

Dictate equations and formulas aloud. EquatIO for Canvas understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions. It even ignores those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when you’re lost for words.

Handwriting recognition

Write math freehand on your device. EquatIO for Canvas instantly turns your handwriting into beautifully formed mathematical expressions.
Handwritten Math Equatio

Add math to Quizzes

Teachers can easily create interactive math quizzes, exams and formative assessments for students within the Quizzes tool in Canvas, and let them respond directly.

Math, chemistry and formula prediction

Just like text prediction on your phone, EquatIO can intelligently predict what you type, suggesting ‘square root’ when you enter ‘sq’. It can also propose options like ‘aluminum oxide’ or ‘aluminum nitrate’ as soon as you start typing ‘al’.

Graphing calculator

Our graphing tool powered by Desmos makes math visual. Simply enter any expression and see it plotted instantly. You can even overlay multiple graphs and use a dynamic slider to see the effect of changing variables in real time - great for visual learners and teachers alike. What’s more, if you already have a graph made in, you can import it directly into the Graph Editor in EquatIO.

LaTeX friendly

EquatIO for Canvas understands input in LaTeX, the typesetting and mark-up language that’s widely used for mathematical and scientific documents and publications.

Easy deployment across schools/colleges and districts

Available with an Unlimited License of EquatIO, admins can easily deploy EquatIO for Canvas across their entire school/college or district, enabling all teachers and students to benefit from EquatIO without having to leave the Learning Management System.

Benefits of an Unlimited License

If you’re interested in upgrading to an Unlimited license, we’ve created the Premium Version of EquatIO: 6 Ways All Students Benefit guide, which provides six reasons (and now a seventh reason with EquatIO for Canvas integration!) why the premium version of EquatIO is valuable for your students and you!