Make math together

Make problem solving into problem sharing! EquatIO® mathspace is a super-smart collaborative workspace for your Chrome browser that enables you and your students to make math together, bringing mathematics to life for the whole class.

Type, write or speak to create equations, formulas and other math expressions. And that’s not all. Complement your work with handwritten notes, geometric shapes, manipulatives, icons* and scribbles - to truly explore math like never before. 

Then click to share your EquatIO mathspace instantly with students or colleagues. It’s a great way to send assignments directly to your students and collect their responses, or to have students make math together, increasing idea sharing, comprehension, and engagement.

* Input of geometric shapes, manipulatives and icons is a premium feature
Equatio Features
Equatio Math Shapes

Write, sketch and explore

Handwrite annotations or sketch freehand to show your thought process or share feedback. EquatIO mathspace is perfect for teacher or peer grading, scratch paper or lab report drawings. It’s like working on a super-smart whiteboard - but even better.

Make a shape*

Bring geometry and trigonometry lessons to life by adding triangles, squares and other polygons. Color them. Resize them. And place them anywhere on your EquatIO mathspace. There’s also a huge range of manipulatives and icons - like rocket ships, bikes, pulleys and more - that help add a colorful visual dimension to math and physics problems.

* Premium feature
Equatio Math Shapes
Equatio Math Shapes

Write problems & solutions the way you want

EquatIO lets you freely add math expressions inline with your text - it’s perfect for word problems and mathematical or scientific papers. What’s more, your students can use multi-line functionality to show the steps they took to reach their solution. Showing their thinking has never been easier. 

Let’s talk math!

Dictate equations and formulas aloud. EquatIO mathspace understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions. It even ignores those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when you’re lost for words.
Equatio Math Shapes

Handwriting recognition

Write math freehand on your device. EquatIO instantly turns your handwriting into beautifully formed mathematical expressions. Upgrading to premium gives you unlimited access with no restrictions.

Math, chemistry and formula prediction*

Great for STEM teaching, EquatIO can intelligently predict what you type, suggesting ‘square root’ when you enter ‘sq’. Just like text prediction on your phone, it can also propose options like ‘aluminum oxide’ or ‘aluminum nitrate’ as soon as you start typing ‘al’.

* Premium feature

Graphing calculator

Our graphing tool powered by Desmos makes math visual. Simply enter any expression and see it plotted instantly. Upgrading to premium gives you even more features, including the ability to overlay multiple graphs and use a dynamic slider to see the effect of changing variables in real time - great for visual learners and teachers alike.

LaTeX friendly

EquatIO mathspace understands input in LaTeX, the typesetting and mark-up language that’s widely used for mathematical and scientific documents and publications.
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Great value for individuals, schools and districts

Get EquatIO mathspace FREE and you’re instantly entitled to use our free versions of EquatIO for Windows, Mac and Google, too.

Value in Upgrading

Then upgrade any time to access all the premium features of EquatIO across all platforms for as little as $1 per user per year. With attractive pricing options for individuals, groups, schools/colleges and districts, EquatIO offers great value for every educator.