Texthelp has recently partnered with CommonLit to help make complex text more accessible to all types of readers/learners including those struggling with literacy. We’ve integrated our software toolbar into CommonLit’s (free) educational content platform to enable students and teachers to listen to text read aloud, translate selected text into different languages, view word definitions, and highlight digital text. As part of our accessibility partnership with CommonLit, we also offer Fluency Tutor for Google™ to support students’ reading fluency.

Supporting reading fluency

Why not try Fluency Tutor for Google with CommonLit content? Fluency Tutor lets students record themselves reading and share with the teacher - away from the pressures of reading aloud in the classroom environment. It’s a big help for struggling and reluctant readers, as well as students learning English as a second language.

Use CommonLit passages to improve reading fluency. 

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Benefits Features
  • Makes reading aloud fun and satisfying, even for reluctant readers
  • Saves time for busy teachers
  • Encourages students to practice reading aloud at their own pace without direct supervision in a relaxed environment, at school or at home
  • Simple, friendly and seamless: one easy-to-use app for teachers and students
  • Lets reluctant students freely choose their own reading content
  • Frees teachers to listen to each student's reading progress wherever and whenever it suits them best
  • Give students extra help with text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translate tool
  • Great for early readers, and individuals learning English as a second language (ESL)
  • Integrates seamlessly with G Suite for Education, Google Drive and Classroom
  • Plays nicely on any device: Chrome browser app for PCs, Macs and Chromebooks, plus student app for Android tablets
  • Friendly dashboard interface for teachers and students
  • Teachers can pick reading passages based on content, lexile level or reading age
  • Students can also select reading passages from any web page
  • Share passages with individual students, or with the entire class using Google Classroom 'share' button
  • Passages appear in student's Google Drive
  • Students can record their own assigned reading passages whenever and wherever it suits them
  • Extra help with text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translate tools
  • Quick Score gives immediate feedback to students without the need for full assessment
  • Analytical tools (Premium version) allow detailed graphical review of each student's reading history over time