Tools that work together to support every kind of learner

There is a major shift happening in education today. Thanks to an increase in the variety of education technology, as well as a renewed focus on the benefits of allowing students to guide their own learning journey, a new educational environment is emerging - one that is geared towards personalizing the learning experience for each and every student.

At Texthelp, it is our goal to support this new learning environment by equipping parents with easy-to-use tools that can offer that personalized learning experience for there homsechooled students, enabling them to achieve their potential, and build essential literacy, fluency, and numeracy skills.

Texthelp Toolkit Classroom
Texthelp Toolkit Read and Write


One of the key goals of personalized learning is to provide students with the opportunity to choose how they access educational content, comprehend it, and communicate their learnings.

Our Read&Write literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform. From reading on-screen text aloud to researching and checking written work, Read&Write makes lots of everyday tasks more achievable for all types of learners, including students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, English language learners, and high performing students. It’s a big confidence booster for anyone who needs a little extra help with their reading and writing.
Texthelp Toolkit Fluency Tutor Reading

Fluency Tutor®

When students are tackling lessons at different speeds or from different angles in a personalized learning environment, it can sometimes be difficult to monitor progress when it comes to reading fluency and comprehension.

Fluency Tutor allows students to record themselves reading a Lexile-leveled passage and then share that content for meaningful feedback - away from the pressures of reading aloud. Developed with built-in Read&Write features, including text-to-speech, students can personalize their approach to reading and comprehension. And thanks to the recording function, progress can be measure and reviewed over time to easily identify strengths and challenge areas.
Texthelp Toolkit Equatio


Personalized learning is not limited to literary or fluency, of course. Students learn differently across all subjects, and therefore, require tools that can help them differentiate their learning no matter which subject they’re taking on.

EquatIO, our digital equation editor, brings personalization and accessibility to math and STEM learning. With EquatIO, your budding rocket scientists and engineers can choose from a variety of input methods to create digital math and express their thinking. Plus, with EquatIO’s integration with Read&Write, math and STEM can now be read aloud, clearly and accurately, making STEM content even more accessible.

Why choose these tools to personalize learning for your homeschool students?

  • Supports struggling learners
  • Improves learning across all grades and subjects
  • Enhances language development
  • Provides multiple means of expression and engagement
  • Boosts student confidence and independence
  • Supports diverse needs