Empowering students with IEP Accommodations to reach their full potential

An IEP, or Individualized Education Programme, is used to enable students who face greater challenges in the classroom to thrive and complete their work with confidence and independence, but providing a number of different bespoke IEP accommodations can prove expensive and time-consuming for schools. Read&Write brings together a number of effective and powerful solutions for IEP Accommodations in just one affordable, discreet toolbar.

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Assistive software support for students with IEP Accommodations

IEP Accommodations differ depending on an individual learner's needs. Common accommodations include Presentation Accommodations, Scheduling Accommodations, Response Accommodations, and Organization Accommodations, each of which outline various methods and technologies to practically address the needs of the student. 

Available across multiple platforms, Read&Write supports students with IEP Accommodations to do their work in the way that suits them best. Offering a variety of solutions for accommodations in just one toolbar, Read&Write ensures that every learner has the tools necessary to reach their potential and succeed. Try Read&Write today by clicking the button below.

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Innovative solutions to Presentation Accommodations

Presentation Accommodations allow students with an Individualized Education Program to listen to audio recordings or use different kinds of media instead of reading text, have a designated reader, hear instructions orally, and even record a lesson, instead of taking notes. Read&Write offers all of these IEP Accommodation solutions in one place.

A versatile tool, Read&Write includes the Text to Speech function that enables learners to hear on-screen text read aloud instantly with a huge variety of audio voices to choose from. 

Intuitive assistance for Response Accommodations

Certain IEP Accommodations allow for students to have access to visual cues to support them in their work. Read&Write provides versatile picture dictionaries to offer illustrated definitions and alternatives to help those with students expand their vocabulary, improve reading comprehension and enhance writing skills. Each word in the dictionary has a description, sample sentence, and colourful representation - all of which can be spoken aloud at the click of a button, along with alternative suggestions.

Read&Write assists users to visualise what they want to say, offering a clearer understanding of a word's meaning.

Talk, type, be confident in the classroom

IEP Accommodations can also cater to learners who find writing a daunting task. Read&Write offers students a solution in the form of Talk & Type, which records speech directly via a device's microphone, and transforms the audio into words on the screen.

Simply speak aloud and let Read&Write do the rest, empowering users with an IEP Accommodation to be independent and have confidence in their work in the classroom.
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