Wonderfully intuitive and easy-to-use, Read&Write for Microsoft Edge provides personalized support to make documents, web pages and common file types in One Drive, including Word Online and OneNote Online more accessible. It’s designed to help everyone engage with digital content in a way that suits them best.

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Read and Write works with Microsoft Edge
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What's free vs paid?

You can try all of our premium features for 30 days at no charge - this includes access to ALL Read&Write features across all platforms including Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, iPad and Android. Try these features out and see for yourself how they can help.

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How does pricing work?

We’ve got three different types of license. Single, Group and Unlimited. Single users can buy direct from our online store above for £150 +VAT. Need pricing for a group of users or for your whole institution? Need to upgrade from a group to unlimited licence?

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Need a helping hand? 

Getting started is easy. To begin using Read&Write for Microsoft Edge, you can add it to your browser from the Windows Store. 

We’ve got lots of video resources and online help to help you find your way around the product.
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