The valuable data you're missing out on

WriQ enables teachers to easily assess student writing while introducing consistency and removing subjectivity across students and classes. It provides you with a complete picture of each student’s journey to becoming confident writers. 

As a current user you already have access to a lot of cool and useful information on each individual student - but what if you could take it a step further?  Upgrading to a premium license allows you to compare your students writing to National norms for writing accuracy and vocabulary maturity and this data gives you even more knowledge on students writing ability than ever before!  

WriQ Premium Dashboard
WriQ Premium Dashboard - Individual Student

Compare your students writing using powerful metrics

  • WriQ score - a meaningful number to help you know how well your students are writing (by taking into account several useful metrics along with a national norm comparison)
  • Vocabulary age - how does their vocabulary maturity compare with national norms?
  • Time on task - how engaged is each student with their writing?
  • Accuracy - how many correct word sequences did they create?
  • Rubric score - how do they compare against standards-based rubrics? Based on their grade and genre of writing - narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion

The power of WriQ - don’t take our word for it

Here’s what other educators have to say about the power of WriQ:

“The biggest thing is that it cuts down the editing and correction time for the teacher. It leaves me more time for differentiation and 1:1 instruction, and I have real data to share with students and parents. Having the data is more persuasive than just a subjective opinion from the teacher.”  Sally Garza, Upper School Technology Director at Lawrence School

“I am obsessed with WriQ. It has changed my life as an English teacher. Grading papers is now a whole new beautiful world. Thank you so much.”  Margaret von Kolnitz, 8th Grade English, Fairfax County Public Schools 

To learn more about how a premium license could work for your school/district or to get started on a pilot program, contact us today!

Coming soon….

  • The ability to export data
  • Customize rubrics to suit your school or district for targeted analysis 
  • Administrator dashboard
  • A student version of WriQ
WriQ Dashboard