A state-wide focus on

Literacy, UDL & Technology

It’s never been a more exciting, yet challenging time to be an educator in Virginia and the greater Washington-metro area. Classrooms are more diverse and teachers are more time stretched than ever. Alongside this, there are an increasing number of tech tools out there which can help teachers address the needs of all of their students. But how can these tools be integrated into lessons? 

To help with this, Texthelp are taking a year long statewide focus on literacy, Universal Design for Learning and technology in Virginia.

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GSuite Edu Talk Virginia
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What will we be doing?

Meeting Educators

We’ll be attending lots of great events this year, meeting Virginia educators and finding out more about the challenges they face. 

Here’s a handy list to show you where we plan to visit - we’d love to see you there!  

Meet us at…

#GSuiteEduTalk events

We are hosting 2 interactive days of learning for Virginia-area Educators, with expert guidance on practical tools and tips for literacy in the G Suite for Education environment. 

Two locations:
Tuesday, March 7th, George Mason University - Arlington
​View the Agenda


Thursday, March 9th, Virginia Beach City Public Schools - Virginia Beach
View the Agenda

Texthelp have brought together a group of industry experts for a day of discussion and learning on areas such as: 
  • UDL Best Practices
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Universal Design for Learning and Google Apps
  • Effective Implementation of Technology 
  • As well as lots of other hints, tips and insights on G Suite

Most of all, we hope you will come away with lots of ideas on how to implement Technology in the classroom - making a difference to your student’s learning experience, and solving some of the issues you experience as an educator.
To register visit our Eventbrite page.
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Other Useful Resources

We’ll be producing lots of other useful resources like webinars, infographics, reports from thought leaders around the state, and more - all specifically designed with teachers and students in mind. 

Look out for ways to get your hands on these, coming soon!
Help us to develop these products for you
  • Read&Write
  • Fluency Tutor
  • gMath

Informing our Product 

We’ll be talking to Virginia educators throughout the year, collecting feedback along the way to help us better meet the needs of all learners across the state.

If you’d like to share your insights into Literacy and Edtech in Virginia, or have any thoughts on how we can improve our products or services please let us know by emailing k.ross@texthelp.com

Jeff Levinson is looking after you:  
Jeff Levinson

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford Business School, Jeff has been working in educational technology for over 20 years.   Jeff's passion is to see all students benefit from the use of technology in the classroom and beyond.  For the past 7 years he has been responsible for Texthelp's efforts in the mid-atlantic and southeastern U.S.   

Jeff's most significant accomplishments are his marriage of over 30 years and "management/survival" of seven (7!) children.

Reach out to Jeff by emailing jeffl@texthelp.com