Dedicated Neurodiversity support

Everyone's different, and we all have different strengths, challenges, and ways of working. Read&Write has been developed with diversity in mind, and offers a unique collection of features in one discreet toolbar that can offer targeted support for employees with Dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome (TS), Autism, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), and more.

Working seamlessly across a number of platforms including Google Chrome, Windows, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets, as well as Microsoft Edge, Read&Write helps employees go about their work with confidence and independence.

play and screenshot reader

Reads on-screen text aloud, including inaccessible text

Hearing written text spoken aloud helps our brain to digest information so we have better understanding, increased focus, and improved retention. Read&Write is a powerful proofreading tool that can increase speed of work and minimise distractions.


Check It and dictionary

Checks text for errors and suggests targeted suggestions

This powerful proofreading tool empowers us to check our own work without relying on another set of eyes. It provides contextual suggestions, which is much more advanced than standard spell checkers. And, it supports industry-specific terminology within medical, engineering and legal professions, with 120,000 specialist words available in Read&Write for Professionals.

word prediction

Intuitively predicts the word you intend to use next

Those of with physical difficulties can write with less effort as word prediction reduces the number of keystrokes. Being able to choose from suggested words means we can concentrate on the context of our work rather than struggle with the mechanics of spelling. It helps us to keep the flow, stay on topic, and not get so distracted.


audio maker

Instantly converts text into MP3 audio files for offline listening

Providing an alternative audio format for written text increases the accessibility of the communication. We all have our own way of working - some prefer to listen to information rather than read it.

screen masking

Tints the screen colour using a screen ruler or spotlight to block out clutter

Blocking or masking information on the screen enables us to focus on the text we want to consume without distractions. It also helps ease eye strain and support those with colour or light sensitivity.

voice note

Adds spoken comments or creates recorded messages within documents that can be saved

Providing an alternative to written notes makes note-taking much more accessible. Recording a quick voice note allows us to focus on the context of the work rather than struggling with how to write it. It keeps us on track and can speed up the pace of our work.

Got a question? You can contact our texthelpers for further information on any of our products.