The Texthelp Certification Program


The Read&Write Certification Program from Texthelp is for anyone who is interested in displaying your expertise in using Read&Write tools and features and how to apply these tools for real-world needs.  Certification is offered for Read&Write for Windows Version 11.5, Read&Write for Mac Version 6, and Read&Write for Google Chrome, and each consists of two parts.

The first is an assessment of knowledge of the basic functionalities of the program.  The second part consists of a project for demonstration of how the program can be used to best benefit both students and instructors.  A project template is supplied and projects are assigned based on the applicant’s role within their organization.  The certification is free and a wonderful way to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the programs in the Read&Write family.  

Part I – The Assessment

Part I is an assessment consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions.  You must achieve at least 80% accuracy to pass.  This is an open note/open toolbar assessment that is scored and reviewed to provide feedback to participant.  Due to the use of Google forms, this assessment must be completed all in one sitting.  

Part II – The Project

Part II is a project component. Upon successful completion of Part I, you will be contacted directly with your score. At that time, you will also be given information about the appropriate project which must be completed within 6 months of passing the assessment.  There are three types of projects-- teacher/instructor, administrator/tech support, and trainer/dealer.  All are designed to be both usable and practical for the role of that applicant.