The Texthelp Certification Program

The Texthelp Certification Program is available for free on the Texthelp Training Portal.

Texthelp Certification Program is for: 
Read&Write for Windows   
Read&Write for Mac
Read&Write for Google Chrome
Fluency Tutor for Google

We have two levels of certification.

Level 1 is our Certified User certification which requires participants to take and pass an assessment on each of the Texthelp programs listed above. Those earning 80% or better will automatically receive an email with a certificate.   
Certification expires after one year.

Level 2 is our Role Specific Practitioner certification and in North America, we will have the following Level 2 certifications available:

  • Texthelp Level 2  Certified Educator   
  • Texthelp Level 2  Certified School Campus/District Trainer or AT Trainer
  • Texthelp Level 2  Certified Administrator/Tech Leader

This certification requires passing the Level 1 assessment AND a project.  There are  explanations and templates for the project. 
Upon successful completion, the participant will receive a certificate and a badge.
This certification expires after two years and the certification assessment for Level 1 does not need to be taken again until the two years has expired.