Test Correlations

Learn more about the Read&Write tools that are comparable to those available for specific groups of students on your State Assessment. 

These correlations are intended to help students begin using these tools on a regular basis so they will be well practiced before test time.

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC)
  • STARR (Texas State Test)
  • MCAS
  • OST (Ohio State Test)
  • KAP (Kansas Assessment Program)


PARCC and Read&Write for Google Chrome Correlations

PARCC and Read&Write for Windows Correlations


Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC)

SBAC and Read&Write for Windows Accomodations

SBAC and Read&Write for Google Chrome Accomodations

SBAC and Read&Write for Mac Accomodations

STAAR (Texas State Test)

STAAR and Read&Write for Windows Accommodations

STAAR and Read&Write for Google Chrome Accommodations


Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System and Read&Write for Google Chrome Accomodations

OST (Ohio State Test)

OST and Read&Write for Windows

OST and Read&Write for Google Chrome

KAP (Kansas Assessment Program)

KAP and Read&Write for Google Chrome