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The introduction of Universal Credit across the UK has increasingly urged Housing Associations to roll out changes to ensure support is available for vulnerable residents who are digitally excluded.

The importance of a digital inclusion software available on First Choice’s website is to ensure that all audiences are able to find and understand the information they desire online, allowing the housing association to reach a wider, and more diverse audience.


Text-to-speech makes online services and information more accessible with a choice of read aloud voices, different reading speeds and highlighters.

Translates web pages into 99 languages for online users and provides speech translated read aloud text in 40 languages.

MP3 generator instantly converts online information to audio for offline listening.

Screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting users focus on the text they want to read.

Web page simplifier removes distracting content creating a simple format for online services.


First Choice Housing ensure accessibility of information they provide to tenants

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First Choice is an award winning housing association based in the county borough Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Their Mission - to be the ‘First Choice’ for tenants in the provision of quality housing solutions, specialising in housing for those with a disability, veterans and others who require specialised accommodation.

The Challenge

First Choice Housing Association, prides itself on it’s inclusive values, and desire to include tenants in every aspect of their work. Consequently, they recognised the need to ensure their web content was accessible to all of their online visitors, this is especially important as a result of the introduction of Universal Credit across the UK.

The challenge was to find a solution which would provide additional reading and translation support which would allow First Choice to reach a wider, and more diverse audience.

The Solution

First Choice found a solution in Texthelp’s award-winning digital inclusion software, Browsealoud. With the help of Browsealoud, online visitors can now easily find and understand the information provided by First Choice.

The company website,, is now equipped with user friendly speech, reading and translation tools helping to reduce any pre-existing barriers between First Choice’s web content and their audiences.

Browsealoud has an array of easy-to-use features in addition to the reading and translation - you can magnify text, convert text to MP3 audio file, remove on-screen clutter with the simplified viewer and customise all options to fit personal needs and preferences.

These tools combine to help aid visitors understanding of First Choice’s online content and improve their overall experience.

If you would like to learn more about Texthelp and its market-leading digital inclusion and accessibility technologies, please call or email our texthelpers: Email: Tel: +44(0)28 9442 8105