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About Greenleaf Elementary School

Greenleaf Elementary is located in Splendora, Texas and is part of Splendora Independent School District (ISD) in Montgomery County. Greenleaf is a Title l school, with just under 700 students. It is the only bilingual campus in the district, also consisting of 25 special education students and 9 who receive oral accommodations. 

Success with Read&Write

The entire Splendora ISD has a license to use Read&Write, helping students enhance their comprehension and reach their full potential. 

“I would definitely recommend it to other teachers and schools that are looking for a program to assist with their balanced literacy programs in reading and writing.”

Greenleaf Elementary School

Greenleaf Elementary School boost students’ confidence with Read&Write

The need for an assistive technology which would help with dyslexic students, English Language Learners (ELL’s) and other students with learning disabilities was identified by Splendora ISD.  As a result, the entire Splendora school district was granted a license to use Read&Write, meaning the students of Greenleaf Elementary School had the opportunity to benefit from the literacy software.

Laurie Guerra, English Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher shares insight into how Greenleaf utilizes Read&Write, “We use it for oral administrations on exams and assignments, as well as vocabulary instruction to assistively help with students who cannot write on their own, and also for reading instruction.”  

The potential of the software was immediately made clear, “I was fortunate to have a brief training of Read&Write over the summer and I immediately thought it was an amazing program which could help my students who struggle with reading and writing, as well as those with English as a second language. My students were very interested to learn how Read&Write could help them be more successful in their academics and after showing them the tools they would primarily be using, they got to work with it, they were hooked!”

One of the areas the students at Greenleaf utilize Read&Write to enhance is their comprehension, “ My students like that it allows them to go at their own pace without being embarrassed that others know they need it reread, they can have a section or a question re-read to them as many times as they need to have it done.”

Laurie Guerra, English Language Arts and social studies Teacher

When asked about other features of the tool, Laurie highlighted, “They are all beneficial to use in my classroom with my students, they like being able to adjust the speed of the reading as well as the voice of the reader. They say it assists with their comprehension ability.”

Regarding the impact Read&Write has had, Laurie expresses, “We have seen many improvements in student scores when using Read&Write, versus the traditional oral administration. Many students feel much more at ease. Students seem much more confident now when taking exams and doing assignments when using Read&Write, they also seem much more attentive to their work.”