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About Queen Elizabeth’s School

Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE) is a specialist centre providing dedicated support for young people with dyslexia across the whole of Devon. This specialist centre is run by Deborah Lynch and Ann Atherton who teach students previously identified with Dyslexia, who cannot be supported in their local Secondary school. They also support schools in meeting the needs of students, who struggle with literacy difficulties, this includes providing staff with dyslexia friendly classroom training.

Read&Write boosts student confidence at Queen Elizabeth’s School

Read&Write boosts student confidence at Queen Elizabeth’s School

Deborah and her team work day-to-day with pupils at QE and at other schools across the county, 
“The pupils we work with are frustrated by their very poor literacy skills and the impact this has on the wider curriculum. It is very difficult for them to meet their potential, as a result they often suffer from low self- esteem and feelings of failure.”

QE consequently sought a solution which would increase students’ confidence whilst working independently,

“ Our pupils use Read&Write to access otherwise inaccessible text on the internet, in textbooks, word and pdf documents. It is invaluable for supporting pupils writing skills, by allowing them to proofread their work. It is used in a whole range of lessons - but especially those subjects which make greater demands on the pupils’ literacy skills, such as English. Our students are able and can understand the content of lessons but they struggle to access more challenging text because of their reading difficulties.”

QE’s site license and home-school Read&Write license means that students can use the technology anywhere, 
“ It’s great for helping students access texts for English literature and textbooks in all subjects, that would otherwise be inaccessible for them. It is also used extensively at home for reading, proofreading and spell-checking homework.” 

Read&Write is used throughout the school and has been used in a range of subjects at QE for both GCSEs and A Levels for over five years.

“ We were delighted when the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), allowed the use of computer readers in the GCSE English reading paper, as without the use of Read&Write, some pupils would not have been able to achieve a grade A-C GCSE English Language.”

“We consistently recommend Read&Write to other schools throughout Devon over other text reading software. This is because it can not only read a whole range of text: web pages; Word documents; PDF files etc, but it also has excellent additional functions, for example, spell checker, study skills highlighters, predicitive text,translator and much more.”