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About Jumeirah English Speaking School

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) is a prestigious primary school that caters to the needs of over 700 students between the ages of three and 11. 

The school, which follows a British curriculum has been identified as ‘Outstanding’ for six consecutive years by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau. The multinational student body is diverse, with the majority of students having English as a second language. 

Students with diverse learning needs and abilities are supported in Jumeirah English Speaking School. The school’s Oasis Learning Support Department work with classroom teachers to provide inclusive learning opportunities, supporting the achievement of academic excellence at every level. 

Read&Write supports high achievement in Jumeirah English Speaking School

Read&Write supports high achievement in JESS

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) always works at the leading edge of 21st century teaching and have always been early adopters of new assistive technology programmes and apps to support students with specific learning needs. Emma Dibden, head of the JESS Oasis Learning Support Department initially became aware of Read&Write following a demonstration by a certified Read&Write trainer from another school. Following a trial period the benefits of the software were clear to the school and a purchase decision was made based on its multifaceted nature, allowing for elements of numerous resources to be combined into one simple interface. 

A whole school solution

“We have Read&Write leaders that mentor and train their teachers to use the software within every year group. Students on the Additional Educational Needs register use the software as well as those who use the resource as normal classroom practice to help remove barriers to success during appropriate assessments.”

Favourite features

“Our students have been asked at several training events, including the MENA SEN Conference to share and demonstrate their favourite Read&Write features. The feature they most commonly choose to share is the ‘Play’ tool. Beyond the novelty of adjusting pitch and voice, the students are able to hear for themselves how their text would read to an audience. This allows them to amend their spelling, punctuation and grammar to ensure their text sounds as they intend it.”

Development throughout the education journey

“We have students in Year 3 that currently only use a handful of the plethora of the available features, but the potential for them to move seamlessly through increasingly complex requirements in secondary school and beyond is wonderful.” 

The appeal of Read&Write for students largely comes from the personalisation offered to individual users. Students are excited by the opportunity to tailor the toolbar to suit their needs and enjoy exploring different features that enable them to generate a vocabulary list or read a piece of text aloud. Read&Write has helped JESS to meet the challenge of removing barriers to fluent reading and enhancing writing by providing tools that help students to focus.