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About Lanyon High School

Established in 1996, Lanyon High School is situated at the southern end of Tuggeranong Valley in Canberra and is a member of the Lanyon Cluster of Schools. The school was founded to address the needs of young people in years 7 - 10 as they move from primary school to high school and to further education, training or employment. 

Within Lanyon High School there is a strong culture of learning and promoting respectful relationships that focus on giving. This, along with the school’s commitment to the overall wellbeing of every student ensures that Lanyon High School has an excellent record of achievement across sports, academia and cultural activities.  

Success with Read&Write

A key value of Lanyon High School is to promote student empowerment within the school environment. With the introduction of Read&Write software, barriers to independent learning were removed for students that struggled with reading and writing. 

Using Read&Write at Lanyon High School

Lanyon High School use Read&Write to support all students’ learning

Developing strong literacy and numeracy skills amongst students is at the core of the curriculum in Lanyon High School. Teachers set high expectations for students in their learning and provide quality individual feedback through an Assessment for Learning approach. Using the Learning by Design framework to mould teaching and learning, the education team works collaboratively to ensure educational programs are inclusive and of high intellectual quality. Following the identification of a group of Year 7 students who were unable to meet the literacy demands placed on them a TIER 2 program was introduced. At this point Read&Write software was first trialled in the school to address this issue. 

Within the TIER 2 student group alone a vast improvement in literacy performance was evident with the use of Read&Write. Students who had previously only been able to effectively express their subject understanding orally were now able to do this in writing. Following the success in this small group the software was rolled out across the whole Year 7 group for use in essay writing. 

I have recommended it to other schools and talk about it constantly. Anything that helps students access the learning and reduces cognitive load is a winner in my eyes.

A whole school solution

Read&Write was originally purchased as a support tool for those students who faced specific literacy challenges. It was later introduced to the entire Year 7 group and in 2016 across the whole school in all year groups and subjects. The students responded positively to the introduction of Read&Write and there was a larger than expected jump in results. 

Wide range of functions

The customisable nature of the software means that students can choose to use the tools that best suit their individual learning needs. As a result of this, students gained confidence in reading and writing. Those who struggled to begin their essays have had great success with the prediction function and EAL students find the picture dictionary particularly helpful. 

Preparation for later life

Advanced students also found success with Read&Write, reporting that they felt it was helping them to improve in the areas of proofreading and editing, both skills that are applicable in a higher education and workplace setting.