A creative writing workshop designed to inspire all students

We all love a story

We arrived at Finborough School, Suffolk, England with a Creative Writer, an excited Texthelp team, a few cameras and lots of hope for the day.  What happened next was awesome.  Five teams of truly creative individuals, whom unleashed pure writing magic into Google docs.

The result?  Five really cool stories all of which hope to WIN the top prize... Getting their story beautifully animated by the professional creative team at Texthelp.  Check out the synopsis of each story below and vote for your favourite.

Story 1 - The Dead End

Ray, Dylan, Shane and Tina are all best friends. Ray wants to blot out some bad memories. The four friends will have to find a magical jewel in order to take the evil out of Philip the Clown.

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Story 2 - Arnold’s Crazy Adventure

Some very famous figures find themselves transported back through time to the 1940s. There’s a strange helicopter ride, a new President of the USA – and of course some adorable puppies.

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Arnolds adventure

Story 3 - Girls are the Future

Meet four very different characters – Lunar, Kimberley, Aria and Jess. The girls are terrified by the dual threat of war – and a future cataclysm.

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Girls future story

Story 4 - The Lonely Brothers

Sharp-toothed brothers Razor James and Razor Bob want to make friends with creatures from other dimensions – including Fred, Don, Squishy, JJ, Playzol… and of course King Henry the 308th.

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Lonely Brothers story

Story 5 - The Monster and the Chicken

Father and son Robin and Larry love fishing. Sea monster Jeff drags Larry into his underwater cave. Luckily Super Chicken Bob is here with his superpowers to save Larry from a watery fate.

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Monster and Chicken story

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