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Unlock the Power of Inclusion:
For Teaching and Learning

71% of principals say that digital learning tools facilitate their students’ real-world problem-solving skills

Investing in inclusive technology is more than just buying gadgets—it's about shaping a better future for our teachers and learners. With Texthelp, you get tools that help everyone learn in their own unique way.

Our digital learning tools fit into any subject and grade level, helping teachers to deliver educational strategies easily. Turn your tech spend into a success story for the entire district.

Nick Williams

“There are not many things that I can go to our school board or any of our stakeholders and say, ‘this investment is going to help all students’ - but all of Texthelp’s tools do.”

Nick Williams, Director of Technology Innovation at Bartholomew Consolidated Schools Corporation (BCSC) Read more

Save Time, Teach More:
How Inclusive Technology Empowers All Your Learners

Only 16% of educators feel they have enough tools to meet their reading/writing accommodation needs.

Time is precious, and you want the best for your students. Texthelp's inclusive technology helps students become independent learners. They can tackle challenges on their own, using tools that make learning easier for them. This means you get more time to focus on teaching.

Join us in creating a classroom where each student has the freedom to learn in their own way, and everyone gets a chance to shine.

Julie Bassett

“Texthelp tools really open up that door for students so that they can have opportunities to access the curriculum and participate in their learning in many different ways. “

Julie Bassett, Assistive Technology Intervention Specialist, Cincinnati Public Schools Watch now

A suite of literacy and numeracy solutions to help everyone understand and be understood

We create technology that helps build confidence at school with reading, writing and math. Our tools help set students up for the best possible start in life.

Wherever there is digital text, we can help make it easier to understand for everyone. With our tools, everyone can understand more, and achieve more.

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Helps millions of students and adults worldwide to read, write and express themselves independently.

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Makes math and science digital, accessible and engaging for every student.

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Create an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

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We've helped over 200m with our software, including:

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