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We conducted a national math survey to gain better classroom insights and improve the future of math education for all learners.

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Math is a timeless subject.

But learners are struggling in the math classroom now more than they have in the past two decades. Preferred math instruction also hasn't changed much and the implementation of newer digital math tools and methods is low nationwide.

Here’s a summary of what we found…

Digital Math Report
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National Math Survey

We asked over 250 math educators about their current experiences, what they believe is impacting learners in the math classroom and their current and future teaching methods.

54.6% of math educators said that since the pandemic, learning loss among their math learners was very or extremely significant.

50% of math learners aren't meeting expectations.

Math fear and anxiety is a big obstacle in the classroom…

61.9% considered math fear / anxiety to be one of the biggest obstacles to student learning in math classrooms.

78.7% Talked about their limited time to modify lessons for different needs.

Accessibility issues are still a prime problem in math education (only 16.3% reported materials were fully accessible) - leading to a lack of math engagement.

Digital Math can help.

It makes math more accessible and engaging for all learners. But…

44.7% said they only use up to 15 minutes of digital math regularly in their classrooms.

26.6% highlighted that their biggest obstacles to implementing more digital math include:

  1. A lack of time to learn new skills
  2. Digital math being a new and scary concept.

But that doesn't mean there's a lack of educator interest in digital math…

67.4% believe there is enough scientific evidence to support the transition to digital math and improve the math education for all learners.

79.1% see the benefit of digital math for saving grading time with quick and flexible feedback options.

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