The equation editor that supports accessibility for every learner

Educators and learners who are challenged by access to math love Equatio’s unique accessibility features.

Why is Equatio better than other equation editors?

It’s a fair question, and one we can’t answer completely without bias.
So rather than simply providing you with a side-by-side comparison of features, here we’ll share some valuable features and use cases that you only get with Equatio.

Accessibility wherever you work

Equatio is THE ONLY equation editor that allows users to hear math read aloud.

Equatio is versatile, accessible, and adaptable. Instructors can use the screenshot reader to copy and paste math content from anywhere online.

It seamlessly integrates into your toolkit, working across all grade and content levels, devices, applications, and platforms, including Google Workspace, Windows, Apple OSX/iOS, PDFs, websites, and learning management systems. Equatio is where you work, when you work.

Designed for every learner and educator

Equatio was meticulously crafted with the principles of Universal Design for Learning at its core, setting it apart from other palette-based equation editors. While other equation editors cater to their dedicated users, they all demand a certain level of math language proficiency.

Equatio, on the other hand, offers a variety of input methods to suit every student's learning preferences, including math-to-speech, speech input, visual aids, handwriting, and prediction. We believe in giving students choices, and Equatio does just that.

More choice when using LaTeX

With Equatio, you have the option to create lessons with simple to complex equations without the need for intricate LaTeX or TeX formats.

Most other equation editors rely on user-generated information, Equatio's built-in prediction simplifies the equation creation process, ensuring accuracy without the steep learning curve.

Learn as you work with our academy

Equatio's intuitive technology makes it easy for students to get started immediately with their math assignments.

The Texthelp Academy offers a wealth of videos, how-to articles, and guides right inside Equatio, complementing the learning process. We care about students and educators, and we're here to support you.

Experience Equatio for yourself and your learners

5 unique things you can do with Equatio

Equatio Toolbar

There might be some overlap in functionality between Equatio and MathType. However, Equatio stands out with plenty of unique features.

  1. Use Equatio with any classroom content:
    The Screenshot reader ensures math content is read aloud as intended, making it easier to understand.
  2. Seamless integration with learning management systems:
    Equatio is a versatile solution that adapts to your preferred platform, ensuring accessibility for all. Math support can be accessed wherever and whenever you work: Google Workspace, Windows, Apple OS/iOS, PDFs, websites, and LMSs.
  3. Support multiple learning differences and preferences:
    Alt text, prediction, graph editing, and speech input cater to diverse learning needs, making math and science content inclusive.
  4. Save time on assessments:
    Using Equatio’s AI Forms Creator feature, create assessments, tests, and exit tickets effortlessly to gauge student understanding and progress.
  5. Share Equatio resources with your peers:
    Sharing lesson resources with colleagues is easy with Equatio. We also have a bank of educator-made materials in the Texthelp Academy to help get educators started.

Choosing Equatio over other equation editors is simple:

  • Equatio is easy to deploy to all logins across an institution
  • Equatio works in Google Forms, so there’s no need to access the MathType add-on for quizzes and assessments.
  • You can use Equatio’s Screenshot Reader to screenshot any content created with MathType and access it with the Equatio Equation editor

It’s easy to make the switch to Equatio

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“The screenshot reader is something I have not seen a lot in other products. I personally love that one because if we build an equation in Google Docs and then need to copy it somewhere else, sometimes grabbing the native text doesn't do it for us, so the screenshot reader is super beneficial.”