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Digital assessment tools for personalized assessment and feedback.

Assessing student progress in a digital environment

Teachers in every subject use formative assessment tools to check for understanding, monitor learning progress, and provide feedback to students. In math, formative assessment tools such as pop quizzes, asking students to build something, calling on students during class, and playing classroom games where students must apply what they have learned are used to gauge comprehension. But how does this translate to today’s classroom? And, is there a way to track this formative assessment digitally, instead of a heavy paper trail?

Digital assessments versus paper tests

Getting test results immediately give students peace of mind

Students experience stress and anxiety while waiting for test results. Digital formative assessment means that you can close the feedback loop much quicker than with paper assessment. This can result in less anxiety and pressure which affects students’ learning capability in the long run.

Immediate feedback supports formative assessment method

The timing of feedback matters. Feedback is most effective when done immediately after or as close to students turning their work in as possible. With data readily available, you’ll see immediately which topics are difficult to grasp and can adjust focus on the topic or the individual.

Technology easily accommodates students with disabilities

Digital testing offers alternative assessment methods for students with disabilities or learning differences. Students with problems with motor skills can, instead of writing, simply touch the screen for the answer. Speech input is also a viable option for longer form answers. The possibilities are endless.

Empowering you and your students

Digital assessment tools can empower you to move beyond giving grades to providing personalized assessment and feedback. This helps you and your students to get a clear picture of where they’re at and where they need to be. Equatio’s integration with Google forms allows you to easily set digital math quizzes. Allowing you to hear from every student at one time, and give them personalized feedback, saving classroom time and closing the feedback loop quickly.

Equatio for Google: How to Use in Google Forms for Formative Assessments

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