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Why Equatio

Make math digital and accessible. 

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How Equatio helps

With the Equatio toolbar, you can take math beyond paper and pen to create accessible, engaging learning experiences in math and science.

Type, handwrite or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding to master. 

Use our pre-made content to help advocate / build a business case in the investment of Equatio for you and your students.

Make math accessible 

Enable students of all ages and abilities to access and engage in math. Type, handwrite or dictate any expression or formula. There’s even a prediction tool to help you work more efficiently. Plus, with the screenshot reader you can capture math from anywhere – videos, websites or print books – and make it digital, editable and accessible.

Make math engaging  

Take math beyond paper and pen. Equatio mathspace provides an engaging alternative to traditional worksheets. Easy-to-add shapes and manipulatives work as visual aids, helping students to see how math problems might apply to the real world. And with multiple ways of capturing math expressions, students can demonstrate their knowledge as best suits their thinking style.

Make math collaborative 

Equatio makes it easy to create, complete and give feedback on assignments. Capture math problems from textbooks, share mathspace activities with colleagues, or create AI-powered assessments using Google Forms. No more loose papers – gather assignments at the touch of a button and see at a glance a student’s progress over time. 

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Works where you work

Equatio integrates seamlessly with many popular learning management systems and is supported on Google, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. This means you and your students can enjoy the benefits of Equatio in familiar environments. No matter where your students are learning, Equatio is there to support them.

Equatio fits a gap that we felt our LMS, Google Docs, and our adopted resources lacked - an accessible math tool. Equatio fits UDL representation, action and expression needs for all of our students and our 2000 staff members.”

Top tools and features

  • Equatio Equation Editor Icon

    Equation editor 

    Create math and science expressions by typing right into the editor. Use prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, chemical symbols and more. 

  • Equatio handwriting recognitionIcon

    Handwriting recognition 

    Handwrite math expressions using a touchscreen device, stylus or mouse pointer. 

  • Equatio Screenshot Reader Icon

    Screenshot reader 

    Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable math. 

  • Equatio Speech Input Icon

    Speech input 

    Allows you to dictate equations and formulas. Equatio understands what you're saying, turning your spoken input into written expressions.  

    • Equatio Graph Editor Icon

      Graph editor 

      Create and customise single or multiple graphs, plot-ordered pairs or tables of points and more. Powered by the Desmos graphing calculator. 

    • Equatio Mathspace Icon

      Equatio mathspace

      A digital space that lets math learners work freely with equations, shapes, freehand drawings and more. 

    • Equatio Latex Editor Icon

      LaTeX editor

      Takes the hard work out of creating and editing LaTeX expressions. 

    • Equatio Forms Creator Icon

      Forms creator 

      Create math assessments in Google Forms with the help of AI. Simply choose the difficulty level, topic and number of questions and Equatio will do the rest. 

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