Create accessible math using OrbitNote with Equatio.

OrbitNote integrates with our digital math tool Equatio to allow users to create and input math within PDFs.

How does OrbitNote work with Equatio?

OrbitNote integrates with Equatio, our digital math tool, allowing users to create math and solve problems all within a PDF. Give students access to the Equatio tools they’re familiar with to view and respond to math and STEM problems, within a PDF worksheet. Saving you time, and allowing students the freedom to respond to math in a way they feel comfortable.

Math and Science support inside OrbitNote

Accessible PDFs

EquatIio is an innovative Math and STEM software tool that helps to level the math playing field for students, professors, and disabilities services departments by making it easy to create math that is both digital and accessible. Equatio disrupts how math is both taught and learned, working across learning styles and environments.

Coupled with OrbitNote, Equatio helps to make inaccessible PDFs more accessible and interactive.

Screenshot reader

EquatIO’s screenshot reader is a great tool to make math more accessible.

Simply drag a box around the math or STEM problem in your PDF and the Screenshot reader will read math aloud for you and your students. This is a particularly good tool for those students who struggle reading math problems on a page or screen.

Equation editor

Once the screenshot reader has read the problem aloud, students can then copy that math straight into Equatio’s equation editor box and solve the problem, using any of Equatio’s input methods, type, handwrite or speak. Once the problem has been solved a simple click on the “insert math” will place the student’s work right back into the PDF.

OrbitNote and Equatio make it easier than ever to turn your STEM curriculum into digital and accessible assignments.

What educators say

I love how OrbitNote allows all learners to easily manipulate PDF documents and gives them access to the familiar tools that allow them to be independent and successful.

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