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Why OrbitNote

It's the accessible PDF solution for the classroom.

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How OrbitNote helps

OrbitNote allows you and your students to transform and interact with PDF documents in a completely different way. Creating an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

Make every PDF accessible

OrbitNote’s one-click Scan Text tool quickly transforms scanned classroom papers, images and inaccessible PDFs into accessible documents. This means that students can have access to the tools they need to succeed, such as text to speech, talking dictionaries, highlighters and vocabulary support.

Complete work on PDFs

Type. Draw. Speak. OrbitNote encourages learners to express their understanding in many flexible ways. They can type or draw their thoughts on the page, highlight the key points in a comprehension piece, add shapes and images to their work and even leave voice notes on a PDF.

Make assessments accessible

OrbitNote for assesssments can be used securely on Chromebooks by locking down the device and limiting access to only the assessment and approved features, including text-to-speech and dictation. Students don't need to learn a new tool, reducing their anxiety and stress levels during testing.

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Where it works

OrbitNote works on any browser running on Chromebooks, Windows PCs and Macs. It works with Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, allowing you to access your local documents but also files stored in the Cloud. Teachers can share worksheets with students using the Google Classroom integration.

I love how OrbitNote allows all learners to easily manipulate PDF documents and gives them access to the familiar Read&Write tools that allow them to be independent and successful.

Top tools and features

  • OrbitNote text to speech icon

    Text to Speech

    Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

  • OrbitNote typewriter icon


    Lets you type text on top of the PDF.

  • OrbitNote push pin icon


    Ideal for making notes or adding instructions or other helpful hints to a PDF assignment.

  • OrbitNote freehand icon

    Freehand Drawing

    To scribble and draw on your PDF to complete assignments or highlight important information.

  • OrbitNote Math Tools Feature Icon

    Math Tools

    Create math right inside OrbitNote

    • OrbitNote shapes icon

      Shapes Drawing

      For creating circles, rectangles and lines with customised lines and fill colour.

    • OrbitNote comment icon

      Text and Voice Comments

      For collaboration, showing understanding and giving feedback.

    • OrbitNote highlighter icon


      Collect highlights from text in documents or the web for summarising research and to create bibliographies.

    • OrbitNote Split and merge icon

      Split and Merge

      Split PDFs into multiple files, combine PDFs into one document and remove/reorder individual pages.

    • Digital Signature feature icon

      Digital Signature

      Add a digital signature to PDFs

    Get more than software

    We're committed to providing total learning support, ensuring every student's journey is enriched, secure, and effective.

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    Do you want to try OrbitNote with staff and pupils or do you need to test how best to deploy it?

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    As part of your free trial, we will…

    • Sort the safeguarding, providing all GDPR and Cyber Essentials documentation and complete any DPIA you need
    • Help you complete onboarding by making it simple to deploy with minimal fuss, domain wide
    • Provide a dedicated 30 minute webinar for your staff, plus give you access to self paced training via our Texthelp Academy to get you started
    • Schedule regular check-ins with your team, including an end of trial review where we will analyse usage, take a look at impact and get you pricing to take things beyond the trial and embed OrbitNote in your institution