ReachDeck supports ADA compliance for websites

We’re passionate about creating a world that’s inclusive of everyone. If you’re working towards ADA compliance, ReachDeck can help. ReachDeck is an all-in-one solution that helps you to break down communication barriers. Its features support WCAG compliance and ADA compliance for websites. Helps everyone in your organization to create content that’s easy to understand by everyone. And, provides your online visitors with assistive technology tools.

What is ADA and why is ADA compliance important?

ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, exists to empower every US citizen with equal opportunities to all areas of public life. Under Title III of ADA, businesses are required to make their “place of public accommodation” accessible to people with disabilities. Since a website is a place of public accommodation, to meet ADA compliance your website must be accessible too.

1 in 5 Americans have a disability. But often, when organizations talk about their online audience they don’t consider these individuals. Accessibility throughout content and design is often forgotten. Inclusive journeys are often not considered. In fact, when WebAIM analyzed the top one million home pages, almost 98% failed to comply with web accessibility standards.

In today’s world we expect our customers to do more online than ever before. And our customers rely on being able to do so. Inaccessibility not only affects the user experience, it could also mean your business is missing out on engaging with a fifth of your market.

How does ReachDeck support ADA compliance?

Meeting ADA compliance standards means making your digital communications accessible to every type of user. ReachDeck allows you to check website accessibility quickly, and with ease. It helps your workforce to follow accessibility best practices across all your communications. And remove communication barriers, so that you can reach every one of your audience. Its features include;

  • ReachDeck Auditor Icon

    The ReachDeck Auditor is a WCAG and ADA compliance website checker. It identifies errors at WCAG Level A, AA and AAA quickly and at scale. It also provides you with a readability overview of your content. It gives you a readability score, showcases the average reading age, and highlights the total number of long sentences and jargon words

  • ReachDeck Auditor Icon

    The ReachDeck Editor which helps to improve the quality and accessibility of written content. As employees type, grammar, spelling and readability errors are identified. Helping everyone in your organization to edit your content in line with best practice

    • ReachDeck Toolbar Icon

      The ReachDeck Toolbar which supports your web visitors to engage with your online content in a way that suits their needs. It's a web accessibility toolbar that supports diverse users. Features include text-to-speech, reading and translation support. Helping you to create inclusive experiences for everyone.

    ReachDeck, ADA compliance and the POUR guidelines 

    As you may already know the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG, helps organizations achieve website accessibility. But what you might not know is that these guidelines are built on the POUR principles - Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. And for a website to be truly accessible, it must meet these principles.

    Below, we’ve outlined what each of these principles mean. We’ve also included detail around how ReachDeck can support you in achieving each.


    Every part of a website should be able to be perceived by every visitor. This means that content should be available in multiple formats. It also considers accessible design choices. For example, good color contrast and typography. This makes it easier for users to see and hear content.

    With the ReachDeck Auditor, errors including color contrast and missing alt tags are identified. The ReachDeck Toolbar also supports the ability to see and hear content. Users can enlarge text size with the Magnifier feature . They can remove distracting content with Web Page Simplifier. And, its Screen Mask feature allows users to apply a color overlay. This benefits those with color sensitivities.

    The ReachDeck Toolbar also makes it easy for you to offer your content in multiple formats. For example, Text-to-speech and MP3 Maker transforms written content into an audio format. It also reads alt-tags behind images, to provide oral description to the visually impaired.


    Web content must be able to be accessed by every visitor. This includes people who use adaptive devices, and those who may suffer seizures or physical reactions. It must also be navigable, providing ways to help users find content, and determine where they are.

    The ReachDeck Auditor highlights errors on your website including broken links, empty headings and missing attributes. It also identifies missing field labels and send buttons on forms, and much more. Helping you to quickly identify accessibility problems across the entire user journey.

    The ReachDeck Toolbar also offers support. Its fully keyboard accessible. And when users are using the Text-to-Speech function, they can follow along with dual color highlighting. The Screen Mask feature also helps users to focus on the page by providing a reading pane. Its Screen Mask feature allows users to dim the screen. And Web Page Simplifier removes distracting content. This is helpful for users who may suffer seizures.


    Content that someone can access is not necessarily accessible. It must be readable and understandable. Factors to consider are the use of language, abbreviations and pronunciations. This principle also considers how intuitive the website is. Meaning whether it acts in a way which users would expect. Additionally, where visitors are asked to input information, support should be in place. So that users can avoid and correct mistakes.

    ReachDeck helps you to use language that everyone can understand. The ReachDeck Editor helps you to improve the readability of your internal and external content. As employees type, it highlights reading age, jargon words and the use of long sentences. With the ReachDeck Toolbar, visitors can also translate content into over 100 languages. The ReachDeck Toolbar also allows you as the website owner to set pronunciations. So you can make sure that acronyms are always read aloud in full.

    Where users are asked to input information, ReachDeck offers support. Using Text-to-Speech within the ReachDeck Toolbar, users can hear information read back to them. This can help them to identify mistakes. The ReachDeck Auditor also identifies missing field labels on forms. Helping you to make sure your visitors can understand form requirements.


    Each individual accesses the web using technology which suits their needs and preferences. That means your website should be compatible for use across different devices and browsers, including assistive technologies.

    With the ReachDeck Auditor you can easily check website accessibility. Making it easier to ensure your website is fit for purpose for use with assistive technologies. The ReachDeck Toolbar also works across all common browsers and platforms, and is regularly updated. Its services are hosted on Amazon, to ensure its features are agile, robust and resilient.

    ReachDeck supports ADA compliance by helping you to…

    Check website accessibility at scale, saving time from manual checks

    Meet WCAG and ADA compliance, helping you to minimize risk and litigation

    Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content

    Support a diverse audience, helping you to build trust and maximize engagement

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    Reduce risk, build trust, and engage with a wider audience.

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