Co:Writer Prediction: The must-have word prediction tool for everyone

Give students independence with the most accurate word prediction available

Coming on July 1st 2024, Co:Writer prediction will be added to Read&Write for Google Chrome. Co:Writer’s Neuron™ prediction engine follows the natural relationships of ideas and concepts in the brain.


  1. Allows ideas to flow more freely for students who are challenged by getting thoughts down on paper
  2. Helps students to express themselves by eliminating word recall issues and easing writer’s block
  3. Makes it easier to insert words from the prediction list into your document. Just type the number next to it - no keyboard shortcuts required.

Group lists of words together with Topics

This powerful tool groups lists of words together by content areas that can be activated when writing on particular topics. There are over 500 Topic Dictionaries already built into Co:Writer.

This means no more getting tripped up by hard-to-spell vocabulary like Pterodactyl or Tyrannosaurus. Instead, learners can focus on writing for meaning and to express their knowledge and ideas.

Who can benefit from Co:Writer Prediction?

The Co:Writer Prediction feature is useful for every student. There are some cohorts that will find it particularly useful, including students with:

  1. Dyslexia: Co:Writer Prediction can significantly reduce the time spent looking up spellings or trying to remember the right word.
  2. Limited English language vocabulary: The tool can introduce new words and help students learn them by suggesting them in context.
  3. Working memory issues: The tool can help students keep track of their train of thought by offering relevant word suggestions.
  4. Physical disabilities: Students with fine motor difficulties can use the tool to minimize typing and reduce fatigue.

Are you ready to find out more?

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