New High-Quality Online Voices now available in Read&Write for Windows

We're excited to announce that we’re adding over 75 new online voices to Read&Write for Windows. This means that so long as you have an internet connection, you'll have access to an even larger variety of high-quality voices available in many different languages. These voices are similar to what we currently offer in Read&Write for Google Chrome and are designed to give our users more options and higher quality listening experiences.

Online voices for Read&Write for Windows include:

Name Description Vendor Gender Locale
Tarik Arabic Male Tarik Nuance Male Arabic
Miren Basque Female Miren Nuance Female Basque
Montserrat Catalan Female Montserrat Nuance Female Catalan
Tian-Tian Chinese (Mandarin - Simplified) Female Tian-Tian Nuance Female Chinese
Mei-Jia Chinese (Mandarin - Traditional - Taiwanese) Female Mei-Jia Nuance Female Chinese
Zuzana Czech Female Zuzana Nuance Female Czech
Sara Danish Female Sara Nuance Female Danish
Magnus Danish Female Magnus Nuance Female Danish
Ellen Dutch (Belgium and Flemish) Female Ellen Nuance Female Dutch Belgian
Claire Dutch (Netherlands) Female Claire Nuance Female Dutch Netherlands
Xander Dutch (Netherlands) Male Xander Nuance Male Dutch Netherlands
Karen English (Australian) Female Karen Nuance Female Australian English
Lee English (Australian) Male Lee Nuance Male Australian English
Veena English (India) Female Veena Nuance Female Indian English
Moira English (Irish) Female Moira Nuance Female Irish English
Fiona English (Scottish) Female Fiona Nuance Female Scottish English
Andrew English (Scottish) Male Cereproc Male Scottish English
Stuart English (Scottish) Male Cereproc Male Scottish English
Heather English (Scottish) Female Cereproc Female Scottish English
Tessa English (South African) Female Tessa Nuance Female South African English
Geraint Welsh English Male Geraint Amazon Polly Male Welsh English
Daniel English (UK) Male Daniel Nuance Male British
Serena English (UK) Female Serena Nuance Female British
Allison English (US) Female Allison Nuance Female British
Ava English (US) Female Ava Nuance Female British
Tom English (US) Male Tom Nuance Male British
Samantha English (US) Female Samantha Nuance Female British
Satu Finnish Female Satu Nuance Female Finnish
Amelie French (Canadian) Female Amelie Nuance Female Canadian French
Audrey French Female Audrey Nuance Female French
Thomas French Male Thomas Nuance Male French
Carmela Galician (Spain) Female Carmela Nuance Female Galician Spanish
Ceitidh Gaelic (Scottish) Female Ceitidh Cereproc Female Gaelic (Scottish)
Anna German Female Anna Nuance Female German
Yannick German Male Yannick Nuance Male German
Petra German Female Petra Nuance Female German
Melina Greek Female Melina Nuance Female Greek
Nikos Greek Male Nikos Nuance Male Greek
Lekha Hindi Female Lekha Nuance Female Hindi
Mariska Hungarian Female Mariska Nuance Female Hungarian
Damayanti Indonesian (Bahasa) Female Damayanti Nuance Female Indonesian
Peig Irish Female Peig Cereproc Female Irish
Alice Italian Female Alice Nuance Female Italian
Federica Italian Female Federica Nuance Female Italian
Luca Italian Male Luca Nuance Male Italian
Paola Italian Female Paola Nuance Female Italian
Ichiro Japanese Male Ichiro Nuance Male Japanese
Sakura Japanese Female Sakura Nuance Female Japanese
Sora Korean Female Sora Nuance Female Korean
Egle Lithuanian Female Cereproc Female Lithuanian
Nora Norwegian Female Nora Nuance Female Norwegian
Henrik Norwegian Male Henrik Nuance Male Norwegian
Ewa Polish Female Ewa Nuance Female Polish
Zosia Polish Female Zosia Nuance Female Polish
Luciana Portuguese (Brazilian) Female Luciana Nuance Female Portuguese
Felipe Portuguese (Brazilian) Male Felipe Nuance Male Portuguese
Joana Portuguese Female Joana Nuance Female Portuguese
Catarina Portuguese Female Catarina Nuance Female Portuguese
Ioana Romanian Female Ioana Nuance Female Romanian
Milena Russian Female Milena Nuance Female Russian
Yuri Russian Male Yuri Nuance Male Russian
Laura Slovakian Female Laura Nuance Female Slovakian
Carlos Spanish (Columbian) Male Carlos Nuance Male Spanish
Soledad Spanish (Columbian) Female Soledad Nuance Female Spanish
Paulina Spanish (Mexican) Female Paulina Nuance Female Spanish
Juan Spanish (Mexican) Male Juan Nuance Male Spanish
Jorge Spanish (Castilian) Male Jorge Nuance Male Spanish
Monica Spanish (Castilian) Female Monica Nuance Female Spanish
Alva Swedish Female Alva Nuance Female Swedish
Oskar Swedish Male Oskar Nuance Male Swedish
Kanya Thai Female Kanya Nuance Female Thai
Cem Turkish Male Cem Nuance Male Turkish
Yelda Turkish Female Yelda Nuance Female Turkish
Dariush Farsi Male Dariush Nuance Male Farsi
Carmit Hebrew Female Carmit Nuance Female Hebrew
Lesya Ukrainian Female Lesya Nuance Female Ukrainian
Jordi Catalan Male Jordi Nuance Male Catalan
Vani Tamil Indian Female Vani Nuance Female Tamil
Daria Bulgarian Female Daria Nuance Female Bulgarian
Lana Croatian Female Lana Nuance Female Croatian
Gwyneth Welsh Female Gwyneth Amazon Polly Female Welsh