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Head of Learning Technologies 

This has been a game changer.

It has allowed them to access learning and produce work that previously they would not have thought possible. By making students more independent, this has supported the classroom teacher to focus on other aspects of learning and not be so essential to a smaller group of students.


Daniel Bull
Head of Learning Technologies
Leigh Academies Trust

IT Technicians 

Read&Write ensures a level playing field

Many students across our school use Read&Write. They may be dyslexic, they may be slower at processing text or require their screen to be an alternative colour… Read&Write is well suited as it allows all students, no matter their ability, to complete work on a level playing field..


James Booth
Senior IT Technician
Bushey Meads School

Secondary Education

If you don’t know, get to know! An absolute game changer.

We use read and write for our SEN provision in our secondary schools. Students have commented how much they like the software and how easy it is to use. Our SENDCO is thrilled about using Read&Write and our staff were blown away when shown just some of the capabilities of the product.

I really like Read&Write and it fits into AET's SEND strategy perfectly. Allowing students of all levels and backgrounds to have equal access to opportunity and learning across all subjects. The tools are very easy to use and some of my favourites are the screen masking tool, automatic keyword document and the simplify page tool on websites.


Ben Moore
Lead Technology Support Officer & Lettings Manager

Special Needs Educator

Read&Write is making a real difference in the academic life of students with disabilities.

My role is to improve the success rate of students with disabilities and often after I introduce them to the software, I get the "Where was this when i was in high school?" comment. Just with that comment I know that it's made a difference in that student's academic life.
Read&Write is great for students that struggle with reading and studying. It really helps with comprehension and information retention.


Yvan Roy
Assistive Technologist
Cambrian College

K-12 Educators

I love Read&Write! An incredible set of tools.

As a high school administrator who supports students and teachers, I am beyond amazed by the tools provided in the Read&Write platform. These tools allow our students to navigate texts, writing, and comprehension assignments with ease, making teacher's work easier as they support them... As our school caters for special ed students, the tools are priceless for them.


Higher Education 

Read&Write boosts student confidence and engagement.

Read&Write has helped boost confidence in the students that use it. Students have been more engaged in their lessons and feel more independent with their learning… My students find Read&Write so helpful in classes and when preparing assignments or for exams. Overall, I always recommend this software because it makes such a difference for staff and students.


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