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Why Read&Write

Help your students understand and be understood.

Read&Write for Work toolbar in Dark and Light mode.

How Read&Write helps

Read&Write offers a suite of tools to support reading, writing and studying. With this discreet literacy toolbar, students have tools to help them understand, learn and express themselves with confidence. 

Make learning accessible

With Read&Write, you can meet diverse learning needs – from dyslexia to visual impairment to English as an Additional Language. Build word recognition with text-to-speech and audio-visual dictionaries. Capture ideas quickly with speech-to-text. Minimize distractions and support focus with a screen-mask tool.

Develop literacy skills and confidence 

Literacy is fundamental to a student’s learning journey. Read&Write helps students to understand and express their understanding. On the toolbar you’ll find features that build vocabulary, support comprehension and improve fluency in reading and writing. Students can even use the text-to-speech function to help them proofread their work. 

Digital reader and scribe solution

Read&Write is approved for use as a computer reader and as a replacement for a scribe in exams. Read&Write can be locked down for exams so students can only use approved features. These support articles explain how to get started with Read&Write for Google Chrome and Windows.

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Where it works

Enjoy the benefits of Read&Write on Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, iPad and Android tablets. Read&Write integrates seamlessly with Windows as well as Google for Education and Apple products. No matter where your students are learning, Read&Write is there to support them. 

AT referrals are currently down by 90%. We all learn differently. Everybody learns at their own pace. We all want to feel empowered and have choices about our learning. This [Read&Write] is really making a difference in kids’ lives. And it’s a good one."

Top tools and features

  • Read&Write text to speech icon

    Text to Speech

    Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

  • Read&Write Text & Picture Dictionaries icon

    Text and picture dictionaries

    Provides definitions and images to assist with word comprehension. 

  • Read&Write Vocabulary List Icon

    Vocabulary list

    Instantly gathers highlighted words into a vocabulary list complete with dictionary definitions, images and an editable notes column.

  • Read&Write Rewordify Icon


    Simplifies a text to improve readability and help students understand the essence of a text. 

    • Read&Write Audio Maker Icon

      Audio maker 

      Converts selected text into an audio file. Students can listen to learning material on the go, making this a useful study tool.   

    • Read&Write Talk & Type Icon

      Talk & Type 

      A dictation tool that transcribes speech into text. Enables hands-free writing and supports better writing fluency. 

    • Read&Write Screen Mask Icon


      Provides a colour filter for improving reading focus and minimising distractions. Students can adjust the size, colour and transparency of the filter.

    • Read&Write Voice Notes Icon

      Voice notes 

      Make feedback more interactive and personal. Voice notes lets you provide verbal feedback in a document. 

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