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Writing and expression tools

Our software helps students who struggle with writing and grammar to complete work independently and to a high standard.

Help with writing and expression

Building confidence in writing is key to helping students achieve across all subjects.

The features within Read&Write provide students who struggle with writing with more choice in how they complete tasks. Including access to grammar checkers that help them to complete work to a high standard.

  • Build student confidence and achievement in writing
  • Grammar tools to help students self-check assignments
  • Expand vocabulary used in writing tasks
  • Provide students with multiple ways to complete work

Did you know that while Read&Write is beneficial for all, it is also necessary for some. Including students with additional learning needs.

Students with additional learning needs such as dyslexia can struggle with writing tasks. Features like Talk&Type and word prediction give students an alternative approach to their written work, that suits them best.

Helping to give them independence by reducing one-to-one teacher help. Which they may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask for.

Help students with the correct use of grammar

Students can use ‘Check It’ to check their writing for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Helping to boost their confidence by giving them an added safety net when writing. This also helps improve their productivity as it saves time using an automated tool to identify spelling or grammar issues. The text to speech function also lets students hear their writing read aloud to easily pick up on and correct any mistakes.

What our customers say

The tools within Read&Write help my students be better writers and the AI helps students correct spelling and grammar without my one on one help.

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