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Empowering your people, advancing inclusion & driving business results

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Harness the power of modern technology to unlock the potential of your people and your business. Read&Write supports:

  • Neurodivergent talent: The diverse range of features allows them to work to their strengths.
  • Multilingual teams: Easy translation, spelling, and grammar checking instill confidence and improve communication.
  • Low-literacy individuals: Empowers anyone who struggles with daily literacy tasks, boosting work quality and productivity.

Join leading organisations improving inclusion

Small changes make a big difference: How Read Write advances workplace inclusion

Read&Write is an innovative toolbar with a powerful set of reading and writing tools that empower everyone to work in their own way. Did you know 1 in 5 people are neurodivergent? That's 20%, yet only 76% choose to disclose this in the workplace. Read&Write can help you remove barriers to success and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion goals from day one.

Diverse Tools for a Diverse Workforce

Encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work

The Read&Write toolbar empowers employees to contribute effectively, in a style that works for them. It fosters inclusion by providing flexible tools for content engagement, task completion, and communication. This cultivates a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Enhances employee engagment, output and productivity

With a range of features from Text-to-Speech to Dictation and more, Read&Write can streamline tasks and boost productivity. It helps employees communicate through their unique learning style, ultimately improving communication between teams and with customers.

Reshapes recruitment and retention while boosting DEI efforts

Offering Read&Write can attract a diverse talent pool and showcase your company's commitment to inclusion. Not only will it support current employees in reaching their full potential but it also empowers the future of work. It's a sustainable software solution with a long-lasting impact.

What our customers say about Read&Write

"By rolling out Read&Write we are removing barriers to inclusion that aren’t always visible, opening up opportunities, and making the online experience easier for everyone. This is a fundamental part of our Inclusion strategy, to create a place where everyone feels welcome.”