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Text-to-Speech software reads on-screen text aloud. It helps to reinforce understanding, increase focus and improve retention.

Text-to-Speech software helps make digital text easier to understand

Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text aloud. Hearing text read aloud reinforces understanding, increases focus and improves retention. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with Dyslexia or ADHD who may find it easier, or more engaging, to process information by listening.

Text-to-Speech is a key feature of Read&Write

The Text-to-Speech functionality within Read&Write reads on-screen text aloud using a naturally sounding voice. Users can even personalise the voice they hear by choosing their favourite voice from a list of options. As the words are being spoken they’re also highlighted. This further supports information processing.

Here’s what our product users say

Being able to have text read aloud is just something I would be lost without. Just to be able to listen to lots of paperwork is great because for me to read it would be very, very difficult.

With Text-to-Speech, employees can work with more confidence

Text-to-Speech offers employees a choice in how they engage with written information.

It helps employees with Dyslexia to process content much quicker. It helps those with ADHD to keep focused. It allows auditory processors to understand in the way that suits them. When employees can understand in their own way, they’re more likely to feel confident. They’re more likely to thrive.

In addition, Text-to-Speech can also give employees a boost of confidence in their written communication. That’s because it’s also a very powerful proofreading tool that can amplify literacy errors. 

Read&Write [Texthelp’s Text-to-Speech software] allows me to listen to emails and documents I’ve written. I can hear errors in my text that I wouldn’t be able to identify just by reading them. This helps me draft high-quality responses and solutions to clients.

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