Using Read&Write for Work with Windows

Employees can use Read&Write for Work across multiple devices and platforms, including the Windows operating system. Meaning employees have access to tools that help them to thrive anytime and anywhere. 

Making the web, documents and files more accessible for everyone

The Read&Write for Work toolbar integrates with Windows based tools including;

  • Microsoft Word
  • Office 365
  • Web browsers - Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer

Providing employees with assistive technology where and when they need it. Hear text read aloud, look up words in the dictionary with a click, proof read with a grammar, spelling and confusable words checker, and more!

Promoting workplace productivity

With powerful productivity features, Read&Write for Work makes everyday tasks more efficient.

Employees can highlight and collect information from the web in an instant, with automatic source referencing. They can turn paper documents into accessible, shareable formats for easy collaboration. And, with consistent access across all Windows based tools, they’re empowered to maintain their speedy workflow.

Need a helping hand?

We’ve got lots of video resources and online help to help you find your way around Read&Write for Windows.

“Staff can log onto any machine in the office – or at home – and Read&Write is immediately there for them, whether or not they’re regarded as needing workplace adjustments. It’s efficient, cost effective and easy to administer – and it delivers the best outcome for all staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Read&Write.”

How can you try or buy Read&Write for Work?

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