The WriQ Score allows Ed Tech publishers with online writing areas to track student writing progress over time.

Most people will be familiar with Lexile levels in reading, however to date, there has been no such equivalent to demonstrate students’ writing proficiency, attainment and growth over time. Now, we have a similar tool to do the same for writing using the WriQ Score.

What’s the WriQ Score?

The WriQ Score provides a meaningful measurement to help understand what the writing attainment levels are for students. It does this by blending several useful writing mechanics metrics into one score that can be compared against national norms.

The WriQ Score's norm-reference table by grade level is based on a quantitative measurement. It's setting a new 'go to' writing measurement standard.

For the first time, teachers and school administrators will have insight over time into student writing progress against a national peer group. These norms were created using writing mechanics, such as: accuracy (correct word sequences minus incorrect word sequences) text maturity and text diversity. The norm-reference data was collected during a two year research project across a large data set of 85,000 teacher verified writing samples.

Publishers can now license an API for the underlying technology that will provide a WriQ Score for any student writing sample. 

The publisher can then track over time the student’s progress using a collection of writing samples with the WriQ Score. 

The license will also allow the publisher to display the WriQ Score table to provide a view of how the student is doing compared to other students in the same grade.

Take action with our insights

Use data from the WriQ Score to identify patterns in student writing performance. This can be done over a variety of writing assignments through your online content and or assessments.

Let the dynamically generated WriQ Score complement your existing embedded qualitative score by teachers using standard writing rubrics to see a full picture of each student’s writing needs and achievements over the school year. 

For more information on licensing the WriQ Score for your online courseware, curriculum or assessment project, please get in touch.