3 Small but Rather LARGE Updates for EquatIO Mathspace Customers

In this blog we take a look at the latest updates to EquatIO. Read on to see how to make the most of the new features.

Rapid Reviewer Flexibility: 

Soon after we released the Rapid Reviewer in EquatIO’s mathspace we heard from our users how they would like a bit more flexibility when it comes to how they score those mathspaces for student submissions.  Initially the score needed to be out of 100 points and there was no wiggle room with the scoring.  We are excited to bring to our customers an adjustable box where they can dictate their very own custom scoring value.  For example, if you are using mathspace for a simple homework or classroom assignment, you may only want to give students a maximum score out of 20 points.  Or, maybe you are sending out to your students Project Based STEM assignments where you would like the option to award the mathspace a greater value than the initial 100 points.  Now you can in today’s all new update for your EquatIO mathspace dashboard assignments.  Check out the image below to see the update.

Copy That: 

Have you ever made a mathspace assignment and thought to yourself, I wish I could make a copy of this exact assignment?  We’ve always allowed our users to make a copy of mathspaces by sharing the assignment with yourself, but the navigation wasn’t particularly a time saver for you, the instructor.  Introducing a new button on each mathspace tile that will give our users the ability to duplicate a mathspace with the click of a button.  There are many reasons a user may want to make a copy.  For example, you want to make some minor adjustments to the assignment and differentiate it for a particular subset of students who may require accommodations.  Or, maybe you teach six classes and you want to generate an EquatIO link for each class period you teach. This way when you are providing feedback and scoring, its just for one class and not the entire population of students you teach. We think users will love this small button which gives you great power.

A New Way To Exporting All Of Your Mathspace: 

If you are a frequent user of our product, you are familiar with the blue button in the bottom left corner of the toolbar which serves as our menu.  Many users often liked having the ability to export their mathspace to a PNG file.  This feature has served our customers well.  However, when our product introduced the ability to have multiple pages within one mathspace, it became increasingly difficult to export those pages as one attachment.  That’s why today, we are excited to share with you a new button in our menu.  The ‘Download PDF’ button allows users to export all their mathspace content into one download file that can easily be shared with others.  This PDF document will contain all the great content that you have created inside your mathspace and have all the pages in one easy to share attachment.  

We always take our customer feedback on board, so we hope you're as pleased with these updates as we are. To see this new updates in action, check out the video below.