8 EquatIO Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class

At Texthelp, we love Halloween. After all, it gives you the opportunity to take things that are normally scary (spiders, ghosts, clowns) and turn them into something fun. After all, who doesn’t love a good costume party?!

Banner Image of Texthelper Wearing Pumpkin Costume

For a lot of students, math can be very scary. If you’re not confident in math, solving a math problem can be just as intimidating as entering a haunted house. For this Halloween, we want to help your students make math less scary with fun Halloween activities that you can do with EquatIO, our digital STEM tool.

Before getting to the activities, we’d like to give a special shout out to Megan Mongelli, a Technology Integration Specialist at Fort Mill Schools in South Carolina, for sharing several of her Halloween-themed activities with us. Thanks Megan!

And now, onto the wickedly awesome Halloween activities!

Activity 1 - (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

See how many different Jack-o-Lanterns your students can come up with in this fun combinations problem.

Activity 2 - (2nd Grade) - Created by Megan Mongelli

Can you name that pumpkin? Expose students to the world of 2D & 3D images in EquatIO mathspace to help them in the naming of shapes, counting, vertices, edges, corners, and faces. Get started here.  

Activity 3 - (3rd - 5th Grade)

All you’ll need are some dice for this pumpkin-themed activity about probability.

Activity 4 -  (4th Grade) -  Created by Megan Mongelli

Are you seeking some creepy word problems? Look no further than these fourth grade brain teasers. Click on the link here to get started.

Activity 5 - (5th & 6th Grade) -  Created by Megan Mongelli

5th and 6th graders will love this activity, which combines Google Drawings with EquatIO’s Graph Editor. Who can name this Halloween character? Plot the ordered pairs to find out! Access the activity here.

Activity 6 - (5th - 7th Grade)

Make a Halloween-themed image with EquatIO’s Graph Editor. Need some inspiration to get started? Here’s an example.

Activity 7 - (7th Grade) -  Created by Megan Mongelli

Test your students’ knowledge of multi-step equations in this Halloween-themed activity using EquatIO in Google Forms. Access the Google Form here, which is set up to automate grading!

Activity 8 - (Algebra & Up)

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin tossing word problem? It’ll help your students learn about Quadratic Regression. Get the activity here.


We’d love to see all the spooky fun you and your students are having while tackling these activities. So, please share pictures with us on Twitter using the hashtag: #MakeMathLessScary.