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  • Top 4 tips for creating engaging math online using Google tools

    Eric Curts headshot

    Long time friend of Texthelp, Eric Curts takes us through some of his favourite ways to teach math online. Eric shows some great math tools in the webinar he recorded with us and links to lots of helpful online math resources that you can download. But to get some quick tips, check out the pointers below:

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  • Speaking plainly: The value of accessibility on your company website

    There’s no denying that 2020 was a tough year for businesses. Between keeping customers happy, staff employed and the lights on, it's understandable that areas such as accessibility, user experience (UX), and design haven't been a priority. While the lockdown roadmap is well underway, customers will continue to access information, products and services online more than ever. This is particularly true for the older generation of consumers, who are now more comfortable with browsing and shopping online than ever before.

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  • Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

    What a year it's been for teachers! Adapting to new ways of teaching and communicating with students, juggling work life and family, dealing with constant uncertainty... the past twelve months have been a steep learning curve for educators everywhere.

    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and although we do our best to support teachers year-round, we think this week is the perfect opportunity for students and parents to extend their special thanks to teachers for everything they've done to support student learning in this difficult year. 

    We've put together some ideas for how you can thank your teacher, either remotely or in person. Read on to check them out.

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  • We’re marking 10 years of GAAD with our first ever Festival of Accessibility

    On 20th May, we’ll be partnering up with 11 organisations for our first ever Festival of Accessibility. And we’re inviting you to join us - for free.

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  • Equity in the math classroom with José Vilson

    This Math Awareness Month, we are bringing you José Vilson’s thoughts on equity in the math classroom. 

    Back at the start of this school year we hosted a keynote with José Vilson, a math educator, blogger, speaker and activist in New York City, NY. José has written and spoken about education, math and race for a number of organizations and publications, such as The New York Times, Education Week and Huffington Post to name a few. 

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  • WriQ Update April 2021

    At Texthelp we work in an agile way, constantly taking on board our customer feedback and updating products. We don’t wait to update once or twice a year, the updates and improvements are continual. We want to make sure our customers are working with the best versions of our products to meet their needs. It’s a collaborative process with our customers at the center of what we do. 

    Our latest product updates have been to WriQ®, as we’ve taken teacher feedback onboard and have made some improvements. Take a look below to find out more.

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