A new way to experience WriQ

Since we released WriQ as a Chrome extension two years ago, we've seen WriQ mature into a fully fledged writing assessment and student achievement tool. And now we're excited to offer the same solution from Microsoft Word users. Read on to find out more…

WriQ the writing achievement tool

The WriQ Add-in offers features to help educators improve student writing outcomes. By visualizing insights on student writing levels and comparing with national norms, WriQ makes it easier to differentiate and personalize student instruction than ever before.

The easiest way to show you the power of WriQ is to watch this quick demo…

Ready to experience the benefits of WriQ?

You can get the Add-in from the Windows Store now or you can opt to start a pilot.  Our complimentary pilots are an easy way to really test the power of WriQ with your students and fellow educators. If this is something you’d like to do, simply complete the pilot form