4 Steps to Adopting Read&Write for Your School or District

Are you ready to bring all the benefits of Read&Write to your school or district? 

Join over 30 million students across the country who are seeing the amazing impact this literacy support tool is having on their learning. 

In four easy steps, we’ll show you how you can try, buy, and get the tool into the hands of all of your students.

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Step 1: Find out how other schools are using Read&Write

We know that providing evidence of impact from the implementation of technology tools is important. That’s why we’ve gathered case studies from across the globe to show how other schools and districts have used Read&Write and the real results they have achieved. From closing the achievement gap to measuring cost-efficiency, you can find our Read&Write case studies here.

Want to see an overview of Read&Write before you dig into our case studies? This 18-minute video can help.

Step 2: Start your free pilot

We offer a free pilot of Read&Write at a school or district level giving you access to all 80+ premium features for a large group of users. That way you and your team can see everything that our technology can do over an extended period of time before making a purchase. You can even add some of our other products to your pilot at the same time.

To help get your pilot off to a great start we can provide live training and demos for your team as well as implementation and tech support throughout. You’ll also have access to our library of training materials to help you become a Read&Write expert!

Visit our Pilot Request Website to get your pilot started.

Step 3: Get a pricing quote

Interested in pricing? Unlimited domain licenses are less than $2/student! This includes:

  • Access to all premium features
  • Access across all platforms
  • Training, onboarding & support
  • Multi-product & multi-year discounts

You can get an official quote for a Group or Unlimited Domain-wide license at any time before, during or after your pilot. Simply talk to your dedicated account rep during your pilot, or fill out the Quote Request Form at any time.

Step 4: Take your training further

You’ll have access to plenty of support for your school or district as you onboard and implement Read&Write. 

We’ve got a growing library of short demo videos and webinars that cover everything from the fundamentals of using Read&Write to best practices and classroom strategies.

And if you’re ready to take your training even further, we offer a range of Personal Development Workshops to help you and your team become verified experts in Read&Write. These advanced sessions provide the foundation for educators to integrate Read&Write into classroom instruction for each student’s unique needs.

If you have any other questions about Read&Write and how it can help your school or district, just fill out our Pilot Request Form below and we’ll be in touch!