7.2 million spelling mistakes automatically corrected last month with AutoCorrect

AutoCorrect has automatically corrected 7.2 million spelling mistakes in the last month alone. That’s 7.2 million moments where frustration has been avoided, and ideas were communicated more clearly in both education and the workplace.

For DSA students at university...

AutoCorrect saves time, reduces stress and builds confidence in writing.

Here's how:

Focus on ideas, not corrections: AutoCorrect automatically fixes typos as students type, eliminating the need to stop and correct mistakes. This frees up valuable time to focus on what matters most: getting their ideas down on paper.

Write with confidence, and communicate clearly: By catching spelling errors, AutoCorrect ensures writing is clear and polished and helps students express themselves effectively. It's like having a built-in spelling assistant, boosting their confidence to write their best.

A helping hand for all learners: AutoCorrect isn't just for students who struggle with spelling. Whether they're facing dyslexia or are multilingual learners, or have OCD and may be affected by making spelling mistakes, AutoCorrect offers real-time support. It allows students to focus on their ideas and what they want to say, without getting held down by spelling anxieties or frustrations.

In the workplace...

Employees benefit from AutoCorrect just as much as students do. It’s built in as an additional feature to an Read&Write enterprise license.

Here's how AutoCorrect empowers clear and confident communication in the professional world:

Streamlined workflow and less distractions: AutoCorrect automatically corrects typos as employees type, which means less manual corrections. This translates to valuable time saved and fewer interruptions from red underlines. Employees can maintain focus on their work without distractions, leading to a more streamlined workflow.

Professional communication, effortlessly: Clear and error-free communication is key in any professional setting. AutoCorrect helps make sure employees' emails, reports, and presentations are polished and free from spelling errors. This lets employees convey their ideas clearly and effectively, with minimal effort.

Empowering everyone: AutoCorrect is an important tool for those facing everyday spelling challenges, dyslexia, or employees who use English as a second language (ESL). With real-time corrections, employees can focus on crafting impactful messages and expressing their ideas clearly. This makes for a more inclusive work environment where everyone can contribute their best work.

Learn from mistakes: AutoCorrect tracks and prints the most common mistakes, providing employees with valuable feedback on their writing. This allows employees to learn from their errors and improve their writing skills over time, leading to better performance and increased confidence.

So how does AutoCorrect work?

AutoCorrect provides intelligent, real-time suggestions as you type. This is especially beneficial for fast typers and anyone who needs a helping hand with spelling. It acts as a real-time writing assistant, catching errors in the background and offering corrections. This allows users to focus on their ideas and content, ensuring clear communication and high-quality output in any situation, whether it’s at college/university or at work.

Ready to take your writing to the next level?

Explore how Autocorrect can make an impact in education and the workplace:

Let's move beyond red underlines and celebrate the power of clear communication. With Autocorrect, everyone can write with confidence and achieve their full potential.