Best of Show for OrbitNote and Equatio at ISTE Live 2022

We’re home from our Inclusive 365 Road Trip to ISTE 2022 and we have exciting news. Equatio and OrbitNote won Tech & Learning’s Best of Show at ISTELive 2022! An event that attracts over 16,000 educators all sharing and learning from EdTech best practice.

Tech & Learning’s annual awards celebrate the product and businesses who are transforming education in schools around the world:

"Tech & Learning’s panel of judges awarded the products and solutions to exhibitors at ISTELive 22 who show the greatest promise to the industry, according to the U.S.'s most tech-savvy and knowledgeable educators. Our judges chose the winners as examples of excellence in terms of value, quality, ease of use, and versatility.”

Let’s meet the winners...


Our STEM tool creates expressions digitally and opens up new ways to create, solve, explore and collaborate on math and science content.


Our newest product, is a web app PDF editor that allows you to transform and interact with documents on a completely different level.

Discovering Equatio was the real turning point for me and my students, finally we could all learn math in a fully digital and inclusive way.

Congratulations to all the winners

We loved sharing the ISTE floor with all of you.

One billion

We’re on a mission to keep transforming education. Our goal is for our assistive technology to help 1 billion people with reading, writing and numeracy by 2030.

Be part of it by trying our award winning products for yourself.