Bringing Texthelp to the Sunshine State: Queensland Public Schools can now readily access Texthelp

Queensland Public Schools welcome move to ease access to digital learning tools. Read on to learn more about the changes.

At Texthelp, we are proud that our tools like Equatio and Read&Write are helping to level the playing field for schools and workplaces across Australia. We know that everyone learns differently, and there should be the necessary support in place to help everyone realise their potential. 

This has again come into sharp focus in light of the latest wave of Government mandated lockdowns, with shifts towards a more permanent, remote and hybrid-learning approach looking likely to become more commonplace. 

Fortunately, most of today’s kids are digital natives and have a strong preference for digital and online learning, as opposed to the textbook and pen of yesteryear. That’s why it is so important to equip and empower students with the right technology and tools that complement this emerging style of learning. 

In some good news, we have been working closely with The Queensland Department of Education to overcome the technical roadblocks that were preventing Read&Write from being accessible to public schools across the department’s network. Until now, public schools have needed to jump through arbitrary administrative hoops and excessive waiting periods to access our products, particularly in regional Queensland. 

But, from Monday 12th July, public schools in Queensland can: 

  • Agree to trial our products for 90 days or purchase and gain access to Texthelp’s products instantly
  • Schedule training and support without the need for an extra layer of approval to access the product

Many educators are beginning to realise the potential long term benefits of incorporating education technology tools into the classroom, and the role it can play in improving student outcomes. Now students across Queensland will have the opportunity to access technology that will make a real difference to their learning. 

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a trial, please contact us here.