Build the future with personalized learning

It is frequently said that 65% of today’s school children will graduate into jobs that don’t currently exist. With this being said, preparing students for the world of work can become a bit of a challenge - how can you, as an educator, help your students to acquire skills for jobs that don’t yet exist? 

With the act of forward-thinking, and adapting the core components of a ‘future building school’.

Build the future with personalised learning

Future building schools are actively navigating this challenge by adapting the learning experience, so that it is driven by learner needs. They focus on changing the traditional priorities of education and the way it is delivered. Sir Ken Robinson identifies the organization of learning in his book ‘You, your child and school’ - he reminds us that schools are communities of learners learning to acquire new skills and understanding, while education is an organized system of learning - therefore, it can be changed to suit learning needs.

Build learner capabilities for a future-ready generation

Being taught great amounts of content is no longer crucial for our communities of learners, rather building learner capabilities is important. Shifting from learners knowing a correct answer to knowing what to do when a correct answer isn’t apparent, is the focus of future ready schools. The role of the teacher becomes that of a facilitator of learning, where the aim is to coach our learners to analyze problems and think critically to solve them. Important in achieving this is a focus on personalized learning, to make sure that learners have the means to successfully engage and participate in learning.

Learning in its nature is personal and changeable - it happens our whole lives from our formative schooling years to ongoing personal and professional development. It takes many forms as we acquire knowledge and develop skills through both formal study and lived experience - it evolves with each individual journey, so the way our learners are learning within the education system should be no different, and personalized learning should be embraced.

Personalized learning made easier with technology

New technologies are making it easier to find the right tools to engage each learner personally, and activate personalized learning at scale across districts, states and jurisdictions. They allow students to access learning materials in a way that suits them, and enables them to comprehend the information at their own pace. This gives them the time they need to tap into their intuitive minds, and engage in critical thought. Teachers are also provided with the tools they need to facilitate learner agency, to ensure a generation ready for the future.

Different tools facilitate different aspects of learning, and there are plenty available to meet classroom requirements.

  • Assisting students in accessing material and showcasing their understanding are tools such as Read&Write and EquatIO - they provide flexibility of use across subjects and give students choice in how they express themselves, increasing their interest, confidence and engagement
  • ​Ongoing assessment tools such as Fluency Tutor and WriQ help teachers to track individual student progress over time, and personalise goals based on strengths and weaknesses

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.'" - Grace Hopper

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