Celebrating National Thank A Teacher Day Remotely

Schools are closed, classrooms are empty and teachers are connecting with students virtually. But this won’t stop parents, schools & students from celebrating National Thank A Teacher Day on 20th of May to thank teachers for everything they do in supporting student learning, especially as they are working hard to ensure teaching continues remotely. 

We know it might be difficult not being able to show your thanks in person this year, so we’ve put together some of the best ways to thank your teacher remotely. 

Put a sign in your front lawn or window

This is an easy way to get involved and show the whole neighborhood that you’re grateful for your teacher. Feel free to get creative or download one of our templates to color & share. 

Teacher Appreciation Week Poster

Thank you for helping us grow poster

Teacher Appreciation Coloring Poster

Rainbow coloring poster

Send a ‘thank you’ card

Send your teacher a card with all the reasons why you appreciate them and show off your writing skills at the same time. Use our template to get started and then either send it to your teacher directly or upload it to your digital classroom environment. 

Teacher Appreciation Week Card

Thank you teacher card

Thank a Teacher card

Honk for your teacher

Arrange a date and time with your classmates to “honk for your teacher” and surprise them with a drive by caravan.  

Gift your teacher some down time 

You can’t go wrong with digital gift cards and here are some unique ways to think outside the box: take your teacher to the movies with a free movie on Amazon Prime, support a local restaurant or subscribe to a service like Teacher’s Black Box or Teacher’s Crate. 

Create a personal video message

If you haven’t been able to arrange a gift don’t worry, record a short video message for your teacher instead. They will really appreciate the thought & effort and parents can join in too! Here’s a video that our Texthelpers created to give you some inspiration:

Award your teacher with a digital certificate or sticker

Download our certificate template and award it to your teacher in recognition of some of their best traits. Or why not switch roles and send your teacher one of our digital stickers for all their hard work:

Thank you teacher sticker

You have brightened my year sticker

Class act sticker

Teacher Appreciation Sticker


We’d love to know if you try out any of these ideas, leave a comment below or share your finished masterpieces with us on Twitter @texthelp or on our Facebook page