Check out Read&Write for Microsoft Edge!

We are excited to announce an update to Read&Write for Microsoft Edge, the extension that brings powerful reading, writing, research and study tools to the Edge browser. Microsoft’s new browser provides a faster and richer internet experience for Windows 10 and 10S users, and now Read&Write helps take it to the next level.

Check out the video below and read on to learn more.

You can now access many of the Read&Write tools you know and love, like Text to Speech, Word Prediction, Dictionaries, and more, right inside the Edge browser. Read&Write for Microsoft Edge can be easily installed from the Windows Store, and is accessible by just clicking the purple puzzle piece when you’re working in Word Online, OneNote Online and on the web.

Check out our Video Playlist to learn more.

Install Read&Write for Microsoft Edge from the Windows Store now to try it out! You’ll get 30 days of access to all the features, and then Text to Speech and Translator stay free forever. If you’re an educator, don’t forget that Read&Write is free for teachers - and that means Read&Write for Microsoft Edge too! Just register for Free for Teachers with a Microsoft email, and then sign into Read&Write with the same email for premium access.

If you’re already using a Microsoft or Office 365 account to sign into Read&Write, just use the same one with Read&Write for Microsoft Edge. And if you’ve got a Read&Write product code, you can enter it on the About screen to turn on your premium access. Check out our Support Site for more information on getting started.

To learn more about Read&Write for Microsoft Edge, visit: