EquatIO for LMS now works in Brightspace D2L and Schoology

Have you been looking for a more creative and intuitive math editor for your LMS?  Look no further than EquatIO! For the past two years, EquatIO for LMS has been available within Canvas LMS. And now we’re excited to share that it’s available with Brightspace D2L & Schoology, as well!

Users who have a Unlimited Domain License for EquatIO can add this LTI tool to the learning management system so teachers and students can create digital STEM content directly within their Learning Management Systems.  

The EquatIO input methods that you have grown to love inside the Google Workspace for Education Apps & Microsoft Word can now be accessed inside your LMS, including the Equation Editor, LaTex Editor, Graph Editor (powered by Desmos), Handwriting Recognition, and Speech Input.  Bringing these Universal Design for learning benefits to Brightspace D2L and Schoology will allow students to show their understanding of math concepts in a meaningful way.  

GIF of EquatIO for LMS in Brightspace D2L

Teachers will also benefit greatly from this integration as assignments and assessments can now be auto-graded in both of these LMS systems (as long as teachers create items where students can respond in the ‘HTML editor’ for Brightspace D2L and the ‘Rich Text Editor’ for Schoology).  

Users who are new to the buttons within EquatIO for LMS can find our updated Quick Reference Guide here or visit our website for more information on how EquatIO works in an LMS.  

GIF of EquatIO for LMS in Schoology

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And if you are interested in getting EquatIO for LMS for your school or district, please contact us and one of our Texthelp representatives will be happy to chat!