What to expect at the Festival of Inclusive Education

On 20 October, join us for our first ever virtual conference, the Festival of Inclusive Education. A free online PD event looking at our theme ‘redesigning learning for inclusion’.

Texthelper Patrick McGrath explains why we want to join educators to celebrate inclusive education. As well as sharing what his must see sessions are and what to expect on the day. Keep reading if you're thinking about going.

Why inclusive education?

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, so what better time to highlight the power of making learning better for everyone.

For students with different learning needs, getting the right type of support makes a lifetime of difference. As education continues to change, we need to make sure that inclusion is at the centre.

We want to help teachers and staff who work hard to meet the needs of all students. In our one day event, we’ll shine a light on the opportunities' inclusion offers for teachers and students. Our speakers will deliver sessions on using EdTech to help bring teaching and learning to life for all.

I’m most excited for…

We have a packed schedule of talks, sessions and Q&As with the experts. So whether you work in a school, college or university you will find the takeaways shared during the event helpful.

Some of the sessions and topics I’m most excited for include:

The learning iceberg

Every student can benefit from having access to the right tools, when and where they need them. Even if it’s not clear that they may be struggling. This session will help you avoid collision and move to a truly inclusive mindset.

Don’t forget about maths

During the festival we’ll be delivering sessions, resources and advice on how to support students with maths and science. So don’t miss out if you’re looking for new ways to make STEM subjects more accessible and engaging.

From learning to life

We’ll be highlighting the importance of students having access to the right support tools, throughout their learning journey. This includes helping our attendees understand what the Disabled Students Allowance is.

And not forgetting…

This is CPD with a difference. There will be definite festival vibes as we celebrate how educators across the UK are supporting all their students. We’ll be joining leading voices, from schools through to universities, to share experiences that can help every student achieve. You’ll also be able to visit our workshop area that will have lots of practical resources for you to download.

So kick off the new school year by securing your place. Book your free ticket at: text.help/inclusive-edu-fest